Sandee's Ancestry
We are under Construction!!
New information added daily

Some surnames that this site will include are:
#1. Ashby
#2. Coleman
#3. Igleheart
#4. Ross
#5. Roeder
#6. Francis

Be sure to check out the many Old Original
Newspaper Articles Dating 1903 thru 1956

My sister (Alanna Catlin) and I have been doing
research on our Ancestry Trees for about 9 years
now. We have spent many, many pain staking hours on
the internet trying to gather information through
family members across the country and through searching
for documentation through research sites. It is our hopes
that one day we will have accomplished our goal in
finally creating a correct and finsihed project.
You will find many surnames as you scan through this
If you can contribute any further imformation, please
feel free to contact me. I will get back to you.
I want to thank my sister (Lana) for all her hard work
and efforts that she has put forth in order to help me
with research, documentation and photos on our mother's
and father's side of the family. It has been a difficult
challenge for the both of us and very time consuming.
Most of my ancestors imigrated from, Wales and
Germany. First settling in Virginia and on to
Kentucky (Ohio County) I have lots of information
that I eventually want to post. Most of my data
has come from family Bibles, family members and
many many hours of research. I want to thank my
Great Aunt Virginia and my cousin, Orliana for
potos and documentaion on our family surnames.
Also, thanks to My Aunt Marlene Herbst and my cousin,
Judy Park for their many contributions. I know you
will find that most of my data is pretty accurate.
Please stop by often to view all the updates. Feel
free to email me also.

I have also decided to add other suranmes.
These will include my Husbands geneology. Most
of them being located in Pike County, Ky. and
Floyd County Ky.. Imigrating from England,
West Virginia and possibly Pa. and on to Kentucky
Names will include:
#1. Canterbury,
#2. Ratliff
#3. Spears
#4. Kennard
#4. Easterling
#6. Hilton
#7. Connelly

This part of my geneology is fairly new. I will
add consistantly, old and new info. Be sure to
visit often. If you have questions, please email
and or sign Guest Book.

This is geneology of my father's ancestors.
My Brick Wall!!
I'm having a hard time locating information on him.
#1. Dimickele (DiMichele)
#2. Jones
#3. Petty

My Ancestry Lines
Ashby Family & "Coat of Arms"
"Ashby" - "Yew Hill" & "Ashby Fort"
"Walton's Creek Baptist Church"
"Ashby School"
"Ashby" Lines
"Thomas Ashby Will"
"Igleheart" Family
"Igleheart" Photo Album
"Coleman" Family
"Coleman" Photo Album
"Ross" Family
"Ross" Documents
"Ross" Photo Album
"Francis" Documents
Descendaants of William Francis
"Francis" Photo Album
Descendants Of "George Rowe"
Born abt: 1753 Culper Co. Va.
Died: 1827 Ohio Co. Ky.
"Rowe" Photo Album
Descendants of John Christian Roeder
Born: Ohio Co. Ky.
Died: Ohio Co. Ky.
"Roeder" Photo Album
"Central Grove Cemetery" "West Providence Cemetery" Ohio County
gravesite photos
Ratliff Surname: Pikeville, Ky.
Ratliff Decendent Chart
Pikeville, Ky.
Spears Photos: Pikeville, Ky.
Canterbury Surname: Pikeville, Ky.
Pics coming soon
Dimickele Suranme: Indiana
Pics coming soon
Southard Ancestry History
Original Newspaper Articles
1903 thru 1956
Grave Site photos
All surnames included
"Roeder Family History"
Coming soon


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