Poor Law Records

Poor Law Records

(last updated 18 september 2001).

You can find some really useful information amongst Poor Law Records.

In these records you will find; place, ref. no., date of order and contents of each.

So far I have only got records for Bradfield (wry)


BRADFIELD 58-024 Robert Sanderson 1722/5/11 Settlement certificate for him ,his wife and their family from Westnall cum Waldershelf to Bradfield(SC) ...(Signatories available from fiche.)

BRADFIELD 60-048 Ann Sanderson 1805/6/22 Wife of Richard Sanderson,now a soldier.Removal order from Ecclesfield to Bradfield(R).note on back"Examination of Richard Sanderson confirmed Ann's statements.

BRADFIELD Elizabeth Dyson 1813/1/22 Widow of Bradfield aged about 44 and born in Bath Somerset. At about 16 years of age she was married at Bath to George Dyson (now deceased). She had heard her husband say that he was born a bastard in Ecclesfield and that his place of settlement was Ecclesfield.She is now poor and chargeable to Bradfield.

BRADFIELD Betty Ibbotson 1816/12/17 Bastardy order against Joseph Ibbotson junior, farmers man for her female child born 5 weeks ago.17 Dec 1816.Joseph Ibbotson payment payment for Bettys unborn child.

BRADFIELD Betty Ibbotson 1817/12/17 Betty gave birth to a female child 5 weeks ago Joseph Ibbotson farmer of Bradfield being the father.

BRADFIELD Joseph Ibbotson 1820/2/22 Cutler of Sheffield. Mary Ann Mallinson alledges father of her unborn child. 9 May 1820 child born at Storrs.

BRADFIELD George Dyson 1820/3/21 Cutler of Stannington,obtained money by cheating William Guelder, Overseer of poor.

BRADFIELD Ann Ibbotson 1822/8/6 The wife of Joseph of Bradfield aged 41 and born in Penistone.About 18 years ago she was married to Joseph whose settlement was then in Bradfield.About 13 years ago her husband agreed with Mr Green agent to Messers rimmington and Wake who were owners and occupiers of a farm at Hucklow Derby.to act under his direction to manage the said farm at 16S per week with a house to live in and the coals they used.When they had been there 7or 8 weeks Mr Green let them have the milk of a cow which had calved and deducted 4S per week from her husbands wages.They had the use of the cow for nearly a year and then returned to Bradfield where they have resided ever since. She had 5 children now at home Elizabeth (15) Mary (8) Margaret (7) Ann (4) and James(2)

BRADFIELD 62-575/62-639 Mary Sanderson 1824/11/30 Bastardy order against Jonathon Sanderson labourer of Sheffield Moor, Bradfield for her female child born 1 Oct 1824; costs 2 guineas for lying in and 10S 6d for making the order; he pays 2S a week and she pays 6d.

BRADFIELD Joseph Ibbotson 1826/7/20 Settlement for Joseph, wife and family from Westnall cum Waldershelf to Bradfield.

BRADFIELD Joel Ibbotson; 1827/4/3 Cutler of Bradfield Bastardy order for Mary Hawkesworth's female child born 10 weeks ago

BRADFIELD George Dyson 1830/11/10 George the Younger at Thurlstone, unable to travel by reason of sickness and infirmity " he is being confined in the W. Riding Pauper Lunatic Assylum for his care,comfort and safe custody"

22 April 1831 George Dyson is now so well recovered as to be able to travel and be removed to his place of legal settlement.

BRADFIELD George Dyson 1830/11/23 Scale Presser of Stannington. Bastardy order for Sarah Wraggs female child born 26 Oct. 1830. cost 2 guineas for lying in and 10S 6d for making the order he pays 2S per week and she pays 6d.

BRADFIELD 62-500"Elizabeth Sanderson 1830/2/2 Bastardy order against Joseph Shaw, labourer of Fairest for her male child born 5 Jan. 1830; costs 2 guineas for lying in and 10S 6d for making the order; he pays18d a week and she pays 6d.

BRADFIELD Isaac Dyson 1830/9/28 servant in husbandry of Ecclesfield. Bastardy order for Mary Kemps female child born 28 August 1830. Costs.....

BRADFIELD Abraham Ibbotson 1831/5/16 Labourer of Bradfield. complaint to the Justices that he had run away from home and left his family to be chargeable to Bradfield.

BRADFIELD 62-525/59-061 Ann Horsfield 1832/1/17 Bastardy order against George Sanderson farmer of Smallfield, Bradfield for her male child born 3 Dec. 1831;costs 2 for lying in and 10S 6d for making the order; he pays 2S a week and she pays 6d.12 Oct 1832.settlement examinaton for a single woman with bastard child(SE) REF.59-061

BRADFIELD 60-066 Martha Sanderson 1832/12/18 Pregnant widow, Edward Taylor labourer being the reputed father of the child

BRADFIELD 62-154 John Sanderson 1835/4/20 Labourer of Bradfield. He borrowed 24S from the overseers of the Poor but refused to repay installments. Ordered to pay 1S 6d weekly

BRADFIELD 60-289 George Sanderson 1836/2/24 Father of Charles Sanderson deceased, who was examined for the settlement of Charles' widow Martha. George stated that his late son belonged to Bradfield in the right of the examinants late father (Jonathon) who rented and occupied a house and small farm from Mr. Hawkesworth and Mr. Fenton for which he paid above 10 a year for many years and died there a few weeks ago. Charles did not rent a house nor was he apprenticed. Martha stated that she was married to the late Charles at Eccles Old Church on 3 AUG 1834 and has two children (twins Sarah and Louisa ) now about 5 months old. She and her two children are now sick, and not fit to be removed, and are now chargeable to Brinnington, Stockport(SE). Heard by Jus. Newton and Jonathon Thornhill JP'S.

BRADFIELD 62-098/62-103 Ann Sanderson 1843/6/2 Bastardy bond against Elias Ashton, servant in husbandry of Bolsterstone for her male child born18 April 1843.Ref. 62-098 27 Jun 1843,Bastardy order Ref.62-103.

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