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Welcome to my genealogy pages. I hope that you will be able to sift through all of this information, without too much trouble. I have tried to make it as easy as possible.

This site contains the following families: Reynolds, Knapp, Tanner, Trexler, Phelps, Baker, Trudeau, Wade, and Wilder. The family file (GEDCOM) for this family contains over 12,000 individuals at this point. Most are Knapp's and related lines. I am most interested in the Reynolds, Tanner and Trexler connections, but will exchange information on all lines.

 If you have a genealogy question, you may e-mail me at Enjoy my web-site! I hope you can find something to help in your research.

Currently, I am most interested in the New York (Reynolds, Tanner, Trexler, etc.) surnames in my database. As they seem to be the hardest to find.

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