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Thank you for visiting. Whether you are family or our neighbors, we hope your stay will be pleasant and that before you leave, you will understand the love my mother brought to all of us.
My beautiful sister in-law passed last week. Please visit my tribute to her.

This picture was taken one year before my mom died. In the past, I have presented my mom as the beautiful young woman that she was. I know she loved it. But she was so much more than beautiful. She was a wonderful mother and fantastic grandma and I was afraid that by showing only her beauty that I was taking away from the very best that she was. This is how her children and grandchildren remember "Grandma Faye".

Her daughter,

Sandra Burbridge

This site is dedicated to my mother and the families that came before her, which constitute our "Heritage". . My mother died at 62 years of age, 19 years ago.

Through research, we have been able to post biographies on some of the families. On other families, we only have outlines. We will include the outlines now but hopefully, with further research, we will be able to write meaningful descriptions of their lives.

There are many unfamiliar names here. Please do not discount them. They are most often the names of our "grandmothers."

Discovering our ancestors and understanding their lives can only enrich ours lives. When we study family history, we add "value" to the lives of those who were here before us and in doing so add value to our own. We tell our children that what they do matters because they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They are apart of "Our Family".

ou can take a walk down memory lane and share with us the ambiance of your ancestor's lives, their music, their dress and their customs. But if the lifestyle of this century affords you little time, please use my search engine. It will locate every page of my site that your ancestors are listed on.
Sandra Burbridge

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"Remember the Good Old Days" with this great poem and
And musings written by me about my childhood in Los Alamos in the 50's

Diana Faye Groves 1924-1987

The Stratman Family
The family of Fredrick Stratmann of Germany
Faye's grandfather

The Klein and Telinus Families
Faye's grandmother's families from Korbach,Germany a suburb of Kassel, Germany
Please email us if you can help with this family

The David Price Family
Faye's great grandfather
son of William Price of Weakly Co., Tennessee

Ethel Marie Price
Faye's mother, my grandmother

The Families of David and Loftin Price
Sons of  William Price of Weakley Co., Tennessee
Submitted by Margaret Cline Harmon before proof of their parents was received

The Rawlins Family
Faye's maternal great grandmother

The Fletcher Family
Faye's grandmothers family

The Riddle Family
Faye's great grandmother's family

The Cooper Family
The family of T.J. Cooper

The Clarke Family
T.J. Cooper's mothers family

John E. Groves Family Biography 1785-1852
Harold's paternal 2nd great grandfather

Daniel and Perlina Groves - the 4th Generation
The grandparents of Harold Groves

The Groves Family of Grant County, Kentucky

The Arthur McLain Family
Harold's paternal 2nd great grandfather

The Shipp Family
The family of Harolds 2nd great grandmother

Mildred Jane Tuggle
Harold's great paternal grandmother

The William Tuggle and Nancy Harrison Family
Harold's great grandmother's family

The Adams Family
The family of Mildred Tuggle's mother

The Bledsoe Family
Nancy Adams family from 1625

The Miller Family
Harold's mothers family

The Hart Family
The Family of Harold's maternal grandmothers family
Contributed by Lewis Hart who has done a great job
documenting the Hart Family of Kentucky

Nancy Ida Hart
Harold's maternal grandmother

The Brown Family
Harold's great grandmothers family

The Sarah Bolen Family
Harolds great grandmother-wife of John Miller
Can anyone find her parents?

The Burbridge Family   

The Dewey Family   

The Yates Family   

The RyleFamily   

The Patrick Family   

The HiltonFamily   

The Haslip Family   

The Davis Family   

The Bilyeu Family   

The Monk Family   

The Benjamin Family   

The Mitchell and
Henry Family

The Inman Family   

The Walls Family   

The Shoemaker Family   

The Smith Family   

The Coleman Family   

The Wilson Family   

The Carter Family   

The Reed Family   

The Maynes Family   

Hans Jacob Lehman Family
" Submitted by Charlotte

The Conrad Lemon Family

The Ramirez Family

The Tuttle Family

Can You Identify This Lady?
an old photograph of one of our ancestors

A Tribute to Our Mothers
Please write a biography to honor your mother
or grandmother if they are no longer with us.

Cemeteries of Our Families

Please Sign Our Guestbook
Most of the visitor's to this site share our heritage. You can also view the comments of other family members.

0ur Children's Pages

These pages are designed and written by the children for their cousins. If your kids want to add something let me know.

World War 11 Research

At this volatile time in our history, we should all be looking back to honor our fathers and grandfathers and their service to this Great Country. What better way to do this than to reconstruct their military service to preserve it for future generations.  Richard was extremely helpful in reconstructing my dad's WWII service. Please contact him for great service.

click here to visit his site

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