Jacob Brown family
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Descendants of Jacob Brown
the 3rd great grandfather of Sandra Groves Burbridge

Generation No. 1

1. JACOB1 BROWN (BROWNA) He married SARAH. She was born Abt. 1800.

Notes for JACOB BROWN:
JACOB (1.) BROWN (BROWNA) He married SARAH. She was born Abt. 1800.

1850 Russell Co KY census

Brown Jacob 53 M blacksmith Ky
Brown Sarah 50 F Ky
Brown Garther 25 M Ky
Brown John T. 20 M Ky
Brown Racy J. 17 F Ky
Brown Margaret 14 F Ky
Brown Nathan G. 16 M Ky
Brown Micajah P. 12 M Ky
Brown Jacob W. 9 M Ky

Children of JACOB BROWN and SARAH are:

i. GARTHER2 BROWN, b. 1825; d. July 15, 1916.

ii. NANCY BROWN (2), b. 1828, Russell Co, Kentucky; d. Bef. 1898.

iii. JOHN T. BROWN, b. 1830.

iv. KACY J. BROWN, b. 1833.

v. NATHAN G. BROWN, b. 1834.

vi. MARGARET BROWN, b. 1836; m. ANDREW J. DANCEY (Source: Jim Brown .); b. 1832.

vii. MACAJAH P. BROWN, b. 1838.

viii. JACOB WOLFORD BROWN, b. 1841.

Generation No. 2

NANCY2 BROWN (2) (JACOB1, BROWNA) (Source: Jim Brown , Source for all siblings.) was born 1828 in Russell Co, Kentucky, and died Bef. 1898. She married SOCRATES HART (Source: Rita Johnson-gggrandaughter of Bertha Coffey.) September 24, 1844 in Russell County, Kentucky (Source: Posted by Lewis W. Hart on Sun, 30 Jan 2000,, Russell Co KY Web Site.), son of ROBERT HART and DORCAS HARRIS. He was born 1825 in Russell Co, Kentucky.

1850 Russell Co KY census
Hart Crattus 27 M farmer 80 Ky X
Hart Nancy 22 F Ky X
Hart Mary J 5 F Ky
Hart Martha E. 3 F Ky
Hart James C. 4 M Ky
Hart Easter C. 1 F Ky

See Hart family history

Generation No. 3

Children of NANCY BROWN and SOCRATES HART are:
i. MARY JANE3 HART, b. June 24, 1845, Russell Co, Kentucky; d. March 04, 1911; m. CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS LAFAVERS, May 22, 1866.

3. ii. MARTHA E. HART, b. 1847, Russell Co, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1860.

3. MARTHA E.3 HART (NANCY2 BROWN, JACOB1, BROWNA) was born 1847 in Russell Co, Kentucky, and died Aft. 1860.
She married AUSTIN CHOATE May 11, 1865.

i. CLARK4 CHOATE, b. 1883.

Clarke Choate was born in 1883 The son of Austin Choate &Martha Hart .Grandparents of Austin Choate &Mary Barnes
great-grandparents was also a Austin Choate
Maternal grandparents:Socrates Hart and Nancy Brown natives of Russell County ,Ky.

He was educated at the A.B. Wright Institute and Union Seminary in Granger Co.Tenn. Taught school at Albertson,Jones.Buffalo Cove, Banner Springe,Mt. Gilead and Little Crab married a Miss Reynolds in 1906
Posted by Susana Burkett .

iii. JAMES C. HART, b. October 27, 1847, Wayne County, Kentucky; d. September 23, 1915; m. MARY ELIZABETH STRUNK, May 01, 1866.

iv. EASTER C. HART (Source: Richard Carpenter ,b. Abt. 1850; d. Aft. 1860; m. JOSEPH MARSH, August 22, 1869.

v. LEWIS IRVIN HART, b. October 03, 1852; d. Aft. May 31, 1927; m. (1) VINA HURT; m. (2) ROSETTA E. CONN.

vi. DOCTOR DR THOMAS HART, b. August 11, 1854; d. April 25, 1916; m. (1) MARY E. CONN; m. (2) NANCY JANE CONN.

vii. GEORGE WASHINGTON HART, b. February 13, 1856; m. (1) JULIA ANN MCQUEARY; m. (2) ELLEN NEW; m. (3) SUSAN ELLEN BOLEN.

viii. SARAH E. HART, b. 1858; d. Abt. 1895; m. JAMES H. MILLER, October 25, 1876; b. 1846.
Notes for JAMES H. MILLER:
The brother of George Washington Miller who each married Hart sisters. The son of Sarah Bowlin (spelled that way on the census)born in
Tennessee in 1820 and John Miller. They were married in Wayne County, Kentucky and were in Adair County in 1860.

ix. DARCAS A. HART, b. Abt. 1860; m. M.J. LAWLESS, October 25, 1876.

x. ABBA I. HART, b. February 1865; d. Aft. June 01, 1900.

xi. TISHA HART, b. Abt. 1866.

xii. LOUISA HART, b. 1868.

xiii. REBECCA HART born 1870
(Source: Hanlins42@aol.com) married John William Chumbley(born 1861) son of James Chumbley and Lucy Fry, November 06, 1887.

xiv. NANCY IDA HART (3)born March 05, 1872, Kentucky; d. June 29, 1929, Wayne Co, Eadsville, Kentucky.
She married AKA GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON MILLER (Source: 1900 Kentucky Soundex for Miller Vol 73 ED 132 Sheet 1, Listed as General GW Miller.), son of JOHN MILLER and SARAH BOLEN. He was born January 05, 1858 in Russell Co, Kentucky, and died April 12, 1928 in Eadsville, Kentucky (Source: Wayn County Death Cert. 11268Informant General Groves, son).

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Nancy Ida Brown Hart

This is my gggrandfather who was listed in my baby book as General George Washington Miller which I thought was quit humorous and probably the General was addendum to George W. Miller.
In the 1900 KY Soundex he is listed as General GW Miller.
On this census is birthday is listed as Jan 1860.

1900 Kentucky Soundex
Wayne Co, Mag Dist 4 Vol 73 ED 132 sht 1

General G.W. Miller
1/1860 40 yrs
Nancy I. wife 3-1872 28 yrs
General H. son 12-1888 11 yrs
Luther E. son 9-1890 9 yrs
Clint W. son 8-1892 7 yrs
Sammerley son 4-1894 6 yrs
Vandaly dau 10-1897 2 yrs
Sarah a. dau 8-1899 9 mos

Parmley's Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
located Eadsville Road. Turn off HWY 92, Junction 789W,
turn off Eadsville Road near Junction 1720.

Miller, G.H. Dec 27, 1888 - July 4, 1955
Bertha Coffey "Mother" April 1, 1879 - Oct. 13, 1944
General George Washington Jan. 5, 1858 - April 12, 1928
Nancy Ida Hart March 5, 1872 - June 29, 1929

"Wayne County Vitals" a six volume set authored
by BORK.
1910 Wayne Co
George W Miller
Enumeration District: 0236 Color: W
Age: 58 Birth Place: Kentucky
Visit: 0047
County: Wayne
Relation: Husband
Relatives: Wife Nancy I 37, Kentucky
Son Clint W 17, Kentucky
Son Smauel E 14, Kentucky
Daughter Van Delia 12, Kentucky
Daughter Sarah E 10, Kentucky
Son John B 05, Kentucky

xv. CORDELIA HART, b. 1878.

Generation No. 4

Children of NANCY HART and GENERAL MILLER are:

i. GENERAL H.4 MILLER, b. December 27, 1888, Wayne County, Kentucky; d. July 04, 1955, Wayne County, Kentucky.

ii. LUTHER E. MILLER, b. September 1890, Kentucky; d. Denver, Colorado.

iii. CLINT W. MILLER (Source: 1900 Kentucky Soundex for Miller Vol 73 ED 132 Sheet 1.), b. August 1892.

iv. SAMMERLEY MILLER (Source: 1900 Kentucky Soundex for Miller Vol 73 ED 132 Sheet 1.), b. April 1894.

v. VANDELIA M. MILLER (4) b. October 1897, Burnside, Kentucky; d. July 08, 1951, Springfield, Illinois (Fairlawn Cemetery).The mother of Harold Groves

8. vi. SARA A. MILLER, b. August 1899, Kentucky Lake; d. Springfield, Illinois.

9. vii. JOHN BALLINGER MILLER, b. 1905; d. Abt. 1990, Eadsville, Wayne co, Kentucky.

See the Miller and Groves family histories for descendants.

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