Annin Wiggins Dewey

Noah Dewey

Noah Dewey the 3rd great grandfather of Emil Burbridge, is referenced in  Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers,  published by the Pike County Historical Society in 1983. It states on page 373, referring to Gola Dewey, Emil's grandfather;
"His ancestor, Thomas Dewey emigrated to America from Sandwich, Kent, England, as one of the early settlers under Governor Winthrop and the Reverend Warham and arrived at Salem, Massachusetts July, 1630"

It further states, "Annin's father, Noah Dewey was a shoemaker who served in the artillery in the War of 1812, and came to Cincinnati in 1816."

1830 Champagne Co., Ohio (click to see census image) 
The only Noah Dewey listed in the 1830 Federal census of any spelling. He is in Ohio, in which  Annin, Charles and  Oscar list as their birthplace. All ages match the family members and all members are accounted for. However, there are three additional adults, two 20-30 year old males and one 20-30 year old female. There is also a child under 5 who could have died or belongs to another adult in the household. The name is spelled Duey. I have not located Noah in 1820, the first census in which he was of age.
Family researchers indicate Noah was born February 1, 1793 in Vermont and that he married Hannah Wiggins on February 5, 1816, who was born April 26, 1796, in Oneida Co., New York .

His three known sons, Annin (who was given his mother's maiden name as his middle name), Charles and Oscar, according to several census, were born in Ohio. So  Noah was in Ohio until at least 1832 after the birth of Oscar. I have not located Noah in the 1840 census in either Indiana or Ohio but  he is in the Elkhart County, Indiana Census in 1850.
1850 Census Elkhart Co (click to see census image)
Indiana Clinton Township Page 104
Noah Dewey 59  shoemaker born Vermont
Living with wife, Hannah born  New York and younger son Oscar.
Next door to son Charles and family

1860 Census Elkhart Co, Indiana (click to see census image)
In 1860, Hannah, wife of Noah is listed in Clinton Township living with her son Charles B. Dewey next door to Oscar. Annin, her first born son, is listed in Cicero, Hamilton Co, Indiana. Noah died in Clinton, Elkhart Co., Indiana in 1854. He is buried in Oakridge Cemetery of that county. Verification of the sources for the service of Noah in the War of 1812, the marriage date for Hannah and Noah and the death of Noah, has not been substantiated at this time.

Charles B. Dewey 39 Ohio (son of Hannah)
Mary A. 37 Ohio (wife of Charles)
Benjamin  F.12 (son of Charles erroneously listed as Byron)
Henry C. 10 ( son of Charles)
Noah W. 8 ( son of Charles)
Charles W. 5  Indiana ( son of Charles)
Mary J. 6 mos. Indiana (twin daughters of Charles)
Sarah J. 6 mos.  Indiana (twin daughters of Charles)
Hannah Dewey 65 Ohio (mother of Charles)
Esther Unger 75 Penn (unknown relationship)

Oscar F. Dewey 27 Ohio (son of Hannah)
Sara A. 28 NC (wife of Oscar)
James West 8 (son of Oscar?)
Margaret Thomas 66 (unknown relationship)
*Hannah is listed in 1870 Hamilton Co just north of Indianapolis with son Annin Dewey. She died in 1877 and is also buried in Oakridge Cemetery. Again, verification is required. See census images under Annin.

Annin Wiggins Dewey

The first born son of Noah and Hannah Dewey and the 2nd great grandfather of Emil Burbridge, was born October 14, 1818 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Though never listed with Noah and Hannah in a federal census by name, his parentage is listed in The Dewey Family History by Louis Marinus Dewey in 1898 and confirmation is provided by his middle name, Wiggins, the maiden name of his mother and by her presence in his home in the 1870 Hamilton Co. Indiana census. The  Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers continues to say;
"In 1817, Nathaniel Benjamin, a building contractor, later a banker, also state commander of Masons of Ohio, came from Morristown, New Jersey, to Dayton Ohio. His daughter, Catherine, married Annin Dewey, M.D., graduate of Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati."
He married Katherine Benjamin on April 14, 1842. She was born October 16, 1819, in New Lexington, Ohio. Katherine is the daughter of Nathaniel Benjamin and Hannah (Johnson) Benjamin.  Please visit the Benjamin family page on this site.

1850 Preble Co., Ohio Census (click to view image)
Page 443 Twin Township
Annin Wiggins is listed in 1850 in the Twin township of Preble Co., Ohio. He is listed with his wife Katherine and three children. The children are listed as Nathan, looks like Samuel but should be Lemuel, and Mary. There are three unidentified adults; David and Mary Howell and Mariah K??tt.

"Annin Dewey, MD graduated from Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. The historical librarian at the University of Cincinnati advised me that Annin Dewey was a surgeon in the 101st Indiana Infantry in the Civil War at that he graduated in 1850.This is a copy of the commencement brochure The Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers also states that "Annin and Catherine moved to Indianapolis to practice medicine until the Civil War began where he served as a Major, then resumed practice at Cicero, Indiana." Annin Dewey is listed as a surgeon in the Battles of the War of the Rebellion, a roster of all the surgeons and assitant surgeons by Ira M. Rutkow, M.D.>, Dr. P.H., Reprinted Norman Publishing 1990. Click for image.

1860 Cicero, Hamilton Co., Indiana Census (click to see census image)
Jackson Township Page 5
Listed as A.W. Dewey with his wife Catherine and four of his surviving children. Lemuel Aldrol Dewey is listed as Aldrol. Two girls, Lida Jane born in 1845 and Clara born in 1857, have died. Two other adults are listed in the home.
 He is listed on the National Parks site, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System. It appears as if he was in two different units, both units have been mentioned in documents referring to his military service. Family history indicates he served in the 39th Reg, Indiana Volunteers and was a surgeon in 101st Reg.
Annin W. Dewey
Regiment Name 8 Indiana Cavalry.
Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., as 39th Regiment Infantry, August 29, 1861.
Side Union
Company E
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Hosp. Stwd.
Notes Film Number M540 roll 19

Annin W. Dewey
Regiment Name 101 Indiana Infantry.
Side Union
Company F&S
Soldier's Rank_In Asst. Surgeon
Soldier's Rank_Out Surgeon
Notes: Film Number M540 roll 19
I have requested his Civil War military papers from NAR and education records from University of Cincinnati of which Ohio Medical College is now affiliated will include these papers when I receive them.
1870 Hamilton Co, Indiana Census (click to see census image)
Jackson Township Page 26
Listed with Catherine and his 4 children.  His mother Hannah is living with him as well as two other children. Perry E. Johnson 8 yrs old. Johnson is the maiden name of Catherine's mother. The other child is Charles H. Carmichael, Annin's nephew, son of his sister Jane.

Note: Their two oldest children, Lemuel 22 and Nathaniel 23 are listed as being born in Indiana for the second census, indicating that Annin and his family had moved to Indiana after their marriage in 1842 before returning to Ohio in 1850 where they are in the Preble Co, Ohio census.
He and Catherine are buried in Cicero Cemetery in Cicero, Hamilton Co, Indiana Section 1 Row 9, Grave 35. The cemetery is located on the west edge of Cicero, Indiana on the south side of the highway, 236th St.

Annin Dewey is listed in several history and military history books of Hamilton Co, Indiana

History of Hamilton Co Indiana 1901 by Augustus Finch Shirts Page 233
Annin W. Dewey, promoted to Assistant Surgeon in One hundred first regiment of Indiana Company E

Cicero Indiana History 1834-1984
Page 274 as one of the first doctors
When Annin Dewey died, January 14, 1871 he was only 53 years old. The cause of death has not been found but due to his age, it may have been an accidental death. He died without a will and his wife Catherine spent several years in Hamilton Co, Indiana courts with claims against his estate which were not settled until 1877. His death is recorded in Hamilton County, Indiana estate records page 164.

Catherine Dewey is listed in Hamilton Co Indiana 1880  after the death of her husband in 1871, living with her daughter and her husband.

1880 Hamilton Co, Indiana (click to see census image)
Census Page 277B
Stout, Henry W. Ohio
Mary A. 30 yrs Ohio
Catherine Dewey MI law 60 yrs
Catherine died in Cicero, Indiana November 12, 1890. Her death is listed in Indiana Deaths 1882-1920, H19 page 8. The Source is located at the City Health Office, Cicero, Indiana in the WPA section.

Annin and Catherine are buried in Cicero Cemetery in Cicero, Hamilton Co, Indiana, Section 1 Row 9, Grave 35. The cemetery is located on the west edge of Cicero, Indiana on the south side of the highway, 236th St.

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Lemuel Aldro Dewey

Lemuel Aldro Dewey, son of Annin Dewey is the great grandfather of Emil Burbridge. He was born November 22,1847 He is listed as Aldrol in 1860 and Lemuel A. in 1870. He married Missouri Ann Allison on October 1, 1873 in Hamilton Co., Indiana. His marriage record is in the Hamilton County, Indiana marriage license page 329. Missouri was the daughter of David G. Allison and Matilda Elder Allison. She was born August 13, 1849 in Indiana and is listed on the 1860 Hamilton Co, Indiana Census(click here to view census image) with her parents and two sisters. One of her sisters, America is the same age and they could be twins. She is all listed with her parents in the same county in 1870 before her marriage.
1880 Hamilton Co, Indiana Census (click here to view census image)
Delaware Township Page 35
Lemuel listed with his wife and 3 of his children; Gola, Benjamin (Harry) and Edna.
Gertrude is not born until after the census.
Lemuel and Missouri had four children who were all born in Indiana.  The Pike county history book states that Lemuel and Missouri Dewey left Cicero Indiana in 1892 after the death of his mother in 1890, and settled in Whiteside, Lincoln Co, Missouri and later moved to Louisiana Missouri.
Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers "Lemuel Adrol, son of Annin and Catherine, was a realtor, and brought his family to Whiteside (Lincoln Co, Missouri in 1892). He lived also at 400 North Main, Louisiana (Missouri), before settling near Tampa Florida."

Harry and Gola Dewey (brothers)
Gola is the grandfather of Emil Burbridge
Taken arnd 1884
1900 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census (click here to view census image)
Listed with his wife, his sons Gola and Harry, and his daughter Gertrude. Edna has married.
According to Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers,  Edna, their oldest daughter, married Frank Smiley in 1895, listed as Ben on the 1900 Lincoln County census. They had three children; Roland who drowned at 10 years old, Vivien and Harold.

Benjamin Harrison Dewey, known as Harry never married and relocates to Florida with his parents. Gertrude born in 1880 apparently marries "Nelson" and is listed in the 1930 Florida census with her father as a widow.

Gola (grandfather of Emil Burbridge) was born 1876 and married Mary Adelia Henry August 19, 1900 in Whiteside, Missouri.
1910 Polk Co, Florida Census (click here to view census image)
Lemuel and his wife Missouri moved to Polk Co Florida and are living alone.

1920 Hillsborough Co, Florida Census (click here to view census image)
Listed with his wife and son Harry.
Missouri Allison Dewey dies November 07, 1925. Lemuel died three years after the 1930 census at age 85 years on October 24, 1933.
1930 Hillsborough Co, Florida (click here to view census image)
Lemuel as a widower living with his son Harry and his widowed daughter Gertrude.

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Gola Allison Dewey

Gola Allison Dewey and Mary Adelia Henry Dewey had 9 nine children who were raised in Missouri. He was a carpenter and a contractor. Gola died young on November 11, 1938. He was 62 years old. Mary lived until February 16, 1959.Cause of his death is not yet determined.
Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers "At Whiteside (Lincoln Co) on August 19, 1900, Gola married Mary Adelia Henry, (1880-1959). She was the daughter of Thomas J. (1844-1886) and Ora Burton Mitchell Henry (1859-1956).

Her mother (Mary's) raised her orphaned children in the home of her father, Taplin Mitchell, and then married William H. Fox, and helped him raise the young children with his family of 10 as their mother had died. Fountain (Mary's brother) stayed with Gola and Mary until old enough to obtain employment. William Fox died and Grandma Fox, as she was known, spent 14 years with Mary and her declining years with Fountain."  Grandma Fox lived to be 97 years old.

1910 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census
Census included; Gola, Mary, Cecil, Lester, Henry and Anna but is too difficult to read to be posted.

1920 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census (click here to see census image)

1930 Pike Co, Missouri Census (click here to see census image)
Gola listed with his wife and 6 of his 9 children
Louisiana, Buffalo Township Page 8B
Their oldest daughter Cecil drowned in 1926.
My Notes: Several of the unusual Dewey names in our family, are found throughout  the Dewey Family History. Also there seems to be a tradition of using the mother's maiden name for their sons  middle names. e.g. Annin Wiggins Dewey and Gola Allison Dewey.

From the Dewey Family History
wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

The following document on the "Dewey Family History" was given to me by descendants of Noah Dewey. The information in this document is supported by many internet sources and is believed to be correct. There is, however, a missing link between Noah Dewey (father of Annin Dewey) and his father. Several of Thomas Dewey's descendants had children named "Noah". The location of his birth, marriage, and family names all support a direct link to the Thomas Dewey family from Vermont and Massachusetts. I am transcribing this document exactly as it was sent to met but will add my own notes and research in italics.
Sandra Burbridge

NOTE: This book is reportedly out of print and is only available to those who are fortunate enough to find a copy. It is available in some public and genealogy libraries.:

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Life of George Dewey Rear Admiral USN
Dewey Family History


Being an authentic historical and genealogical record
of more than fifteen thousand persons in the
United States by the name of Dewey,
and their descendants

: "Life of Rear Admiral George Dewey and The Dewey Family History"
printed in 1898 and containing 10,000 plus Deweys.
Written and book edited by Adelbert M. Dewey, of Washington DC

Dewey Family History
compiled by Louis Marinus Dewey of Westfield, Mass.,
assisted by William T. Dewey, of Montpelier, Vt. and
Orville C. Dewey, of Wheeling, W. Va.

Dewey Publishing Company,
Westfield, Mass.

"the Dewey Crest" is on the front of the document.
dewcrest.jpg - 29903 Bytes
wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

Family History
by LMD

The writer (LMD) first began the collection of material for the Dewey family history back in 1883, by questioning his grandfather, then over seventy years old, about the origin and early history so far as he knew. Then the Noble Genealogy furnished much data concerning the several families in the third and succeeding generations. Brief notes on the Dewey family collected by Rev. B.W. Dwight of Clinton, N.Y. while at work on his Strong and Dwight family histories, furnished a still boarder basis for a grand superstructure; all these printed records have been verified and corrected by consulting the original town, county, church and other records; and correspondence and personal interviews with living representatives of the family during the last fifteen years have added to the collection until it is finally presented to the public for inspection.

The family as a whole have taken a pride in preserving their records, many of them back to the settler himself.

After the great victory at Manila Bay, when interest in the Deweys took a sudden start, Mr. Adelbert M. Dewey of Washington, D.C., who had been collecting material for a life of Commodore George Dewey, came forward and asserted the "now or never was the time put out the History of the Dewey Family," and proposed to publish his "Life of George Dewey" as a preface to the family history. This additional inducement to subscribers has increased the list to such an extent that we are able to bring the work to a successful close.


wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

(I do not have access to any of the before mentioned biographies or to the documents "The History of the Dewey Family" or "The Life of George Dewey" only the excerpts provided here. )

wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

To determine the origin of a family as old as that of Dewey is a task beset with difficulty; the further back one goes the less complete and more unsatisfactory the records become. The Dewey was an old Feudal family in French Flanders, from which the town of  Douai in France takes its name; some of the family came to England with William the Conqueror and settled in Lincolnshire, northeast of London. One authority says a nobleman named the De Wey (pronounced De Vay) came with William the Conqueror, after whom Weymouth, in Dorset, England was named.

After the massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve, in August, 1572, many thousands of families, including persons of intelligent minds, industrious habits and austere morals, left France for the Netherlands and England: in the latter country they erected silk factories, in the eastern suburb of London; and taught the Saxons to make the stuffs and hats which France had long enjoyed the monopoly. In England these people were known as Walloons, and landing at Sandwich, then an important seaport of count Kent, they spread out over southeastern England; Norwich was one of the cities to give them the most welcome. In a few years there were fifteen hundred Walloon in this place alone.

Thomas Dewey, the Settler at Dorchester, Mass., sailed from Sandwich, which leads us to believe he was of Huguenot extraction. His descendants, even in the second generation were millers, carpenters and wheelwrights. In the third generation, the sons of Israel were weavers and tailors which is strong evidence to support this opinion.

There are Douai and Douay families now living in France. Deweys from England, Ireland, Denmark and Norway. In the United States, some Dunig families from Ireland have adopted Dewey as their name, such a one being at Northampton, Mass.

My Note: The numbers next to each name represent the number assigned to that individual in the Dewey Family History Book.

Thomas Dewey, the Settler
wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes
Thomas Dewey, the emigrant ancestor of a large and influential family, in early manhood seems to have become a dissenter and emigrated to America from Sandwich, Kent, England, as one of the early settlers, under Governor Winthrop and Rev. John Warham. Details of his arrival and his witnessing a will are given, allotment of land, April 3, 1633 under the Massachusetts charter. The Charter had been drafted for a trading company. Also "the oath of a Freeman", sale of lands on the 15th August of, 1635, and many legal records given in detail.

He married June 1, 1663 at Dorchester, Constant Hawes, daughter of Richard and Ann. They came to Dorchester, Massachusetts in ship "Freelove", Capt. Gibbs in 1635. They had a daughter Ann 2 1/2 years old, Obadiah, 6 months. Richard was 29 and his wife, Ann, was 26 years old. Richard Hawes, father of Constant, died in 1656 at age 50. He signed the church covenant in 1636 and granted land in 1636 and 1646.

Constant was born July 1642 at Dorchester and died April 26, 1703. Her tombstone reads: Mrs. "Constant Dewey Dye on Apr the 27, 1702, aged 58 year Cort, The Dewey wife." She joined Westfield Church March 24, 1680.

Josiah the First
wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

Josiah Dewey, Deacon, Sargenat, son of Thomas the settler, baptized October 10, 1641 at Windsor, Connecticut. He died September 7, 1732 at Lebanon Connecticut. In 1660 he learned the carpenter's trade and was granted a "home lot" July 15, 1666.He was a church member before 1666 and he became a freeman the same year and a selectman in 1668. He had an account at Pynchon's store in Springfield.

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Josiah Dewey 2nd, son of Josiah was born December 24 1666 at Northampton, Massachusetts.(4.about 1750) He was a farmer at Westfield, Massachusetts until his removal to Lebanon, Connecticut around 1696. He was one of the first settlers and was elected constable in 1700 and 1707. He owned a mill at Lebanon. Around 1750 Josiah, Joseph, and John Dewey and John Webster and wife Mary, Abel Buel and wife Mehitable, all of Lebanon, (for 310) deeded to Wm. Dewey land in the Ram Pasture called the 5 mile property. William Dewey sold to Caleb Pierce October 21, 1752 for #50.

Josiah Dewey 2nd, married January 15, 1691 to Mehitable Miller of Westfield Massachusetts. She was born July 10, 1666 at Northampton. She was the daughter of William and Patience Miller.

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Fourth Generation:
1211. William born January 1692
1212. Josiah 3rd, born March 1, 1697 at Northampton
1213. Joseph born December 24, 1697 at Northampton
1214. John born December 4, 1700
1215. Mary born October 24, 1704
1216. Mehitable born June 29, 1708

1205 and 1206.
Ebenezer and Nathaniel Dewey, twin sons of Josiah born Feb 1673 at Westfield, Massachusetts. Ebenezer died at 38 years and leaving two children, Elizabeth and Ebenezer.

Nathaniel Dewey was a farmer at Lebanon, Connecticut. A constable in 1717 married January 24, 1700 to Margaret Burroughs daughter of John Burroughs and Mary (Culver) Burroughs. She born October 5, 1677 at New London, Connecticut.

Fourth Generation born at Lebanon:
1225. Nathaniel 2nd born December 12, 1700
1226. Margaret born May 5, 1702 and married January 18, 1722 at Hebron, Connecticut to Cornelius Philips. He was the son of Timothy and Martha (Crow) Philips. He was born March 5, 1698 at Windsor, Connecticut.
1227. Samuel born July 5, 1704
1228. Noah born May 13, 1706
1229. Sarah born August 1709
1230. Thomas born January 20, 1713
1231. Hepzibah born December 28, 1715
1232. Tamar born October 20, 1717. She married November 8, 1739 at Lebanon to Ebenezer Wright. They had a son born and died in 1741.

Noah Dewey son of Nathaniel born May 13, 1706 at Lebanon Connecticut, where he was a farmer. He married October 31, 1728 to Abigail Plumley.

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Fifth Generation:
1321.Abigail born September 3, 1730
1322. Noah 2nd, born July 8, 1734
1323. Lemuel born April 29, 1736.
1324. Ezra born May 29, 1738 died August 11, 1739.
1325. Tamar born August 6, 1740 died November 1769.

Noah Dewey 2nd, Captain, son of Noah, born July 28, 1734 at Lebanon Connecticut. In the summer of 1763, ten persons entered and labored in Hartford, Vermont. Others were going immediately. On the list dated at Lebanon, Connecticut to Elias Frinc. He was there as early as the summer of 1784 and was one of twenty petitioner for confirmation of land grants from New York, December 17, 1766. Tradition says that they came from Lebanon, Connecticut, to Hartford via Northampton and Greenfield Massachusetts, to Hinsdale and No. Four Forts. Then up the Connecticut River route via Windsor to the mouth of the White River. they brought along on horseback their household goods and farming implements.

Noah Dewey was moderator at the first meeting of the proprietors in the town, December 3, 1764. He was also on a committee. ( See the History of Hartford, Vt.) He married around 1757 at Windham, Connecticut, Mrs. Abigail Robinson Flint, widow of Silas Flint, she was born February 22, 1737 at Windham.

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Sixth Generation born in Connecticut:
1505. Samuel born about 1758
1506. Olive born 1760
1507. Elias born 1762. He appears to have enlisted in the Continental Army, April 1, 1779 (Captain Thomas French's 97th , Col. David Wells (5th) regt. from Conway Massachusetts. He enlisted for the war March 1, 1777 and joined Robert Oliver's Col. Greaton's 2nd regiment. On a descriptive list he is listed as age 16, 5'9", tall, dark hair, eyes and complexion. Also on list dated West Point January 25, 1781 as a private.
1508. Ezra born 1764 married November 23, 1787 to at Northampton, Massachusetts to Martha Hunt. He appears on a list of 6 months men raised by Northampton, Massachusetts to reinforce the Continental Army, agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780; age 16, 5' tall, light complexion. He arrived at Springfield June 26, 1780.1st division and marched to camp, July 1, 1780. He was under Ensign Joseph Miller. He was also on Camp Totoway List dated October 25, 1780. He was on the payroll
as serving July 13, 1780-January 13, 1781. Listed as having light hair, a farmer, enlisted for 3 years, March 7, 1787, to serve in the Continental Army as returned by Noah Goodman, supt. for Hampshire Co. He was a private on roll of Col. Benjamin Tupper's 10th regit., January 1, 1782. He served 5 months on roll up to January 1, 1782. Served 5 months on roll up to January 1, 1783. Enlisted June 1, 1782 in 7 mos. service.
1509. Chas born 1766
1510 Alexander born 1762
1511. Darius born 1770.

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Noah Dewey (father of Annin Dewey)
(The book, Dewey Family History, says perhaps Noah was a descendant of Noah #1322, the assigned # in the book, so that connection is not positive)

Noah Dewey (father of Annin) born February 1, 1793, in Vermont, died October 1, 1854 in Elkhart Co., Indiana. He was a shoemaker, served in the artillery in War of 1812. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1816 and later to Indiana.

He had a brother named Lemuel and a sister Fannie who married ?Howard and settled in Wisconsin about 1848. Noah married February 5, 1816 at West? Oneida Co., New York to Hannah Wiggins who was born April 26, 1796. She died in March 1877 in Elkhart Co., Indiana.

wdbar.jpg - 3561 Bytes

Generation-Born in Cincinnati, Ohio Children of Noah and Hannah Dewey
9324. Jane, born 1817 died 1894 married 1837 to Henry Carmichael and had the following children: Catherine who married Zimbleman of Boonville, Iowa. Second marriage Charles of Benton, Kansas.

9325. Annin Wiggins Dewey, son of Noah, born October 14, 1818 at Cincinnati, Ohio. He died January 14, 1871 at Cicero, Indiana. He graduated from Cincinnati Medical School and served in the 39th Regt. Indiana Volunteers and was a surgeon in the 101st Regiment. He was then a physician in Cicero, Indiana. He was married April 14, 1842 at New Lexington Ohio to Catherine Benjamin. She was the daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah Johnson Benjamin. She was born October 16, 1819 at New Lexington, Ohio.

9326. Charles Butler Dewey son of Noah born January 31 1821 at Cincinnati, Ohio, died August 1862 at Millersburg, Indiana, where he had settled in 1842. he cleared the land of timber and made a home. He married November 13, 1845 at New Lexington, Ohio, Mary Ann Benjamin, (who died age 92) daughter of Nathaniel and Hannah Johnson and sister of Catherine Benjamin. Children were; Ben Franklin, Henry Clay, Noah Webster, Chas. Nathaniel, Sarah and Mary.

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Third Generation-(children of Annin and Catherine Dewey, Elkhart Indiana?)

9327. Nathaniel Benjamin Dewey born January 24, 1844.

9328. Lemuel Aldor Dewey (Great grandfather of Emil Burbridge) born November 22, 1847. Living at Whiteside, Missouri in 1898.

9329. Mary Ann Dewey born April 2, 1851 married ?Stout of Cicero, Indiana.

9330. Celestia born July 18, 1854 married Haworth of Noblesville, Indiana.

9327. Nathaniel Benjamin Dewey son of Annin Wiggins born January 24, 1844 in Elkhart Co., Indiana. He served in the 138th Regit. and 155th Rgt., Indiana Volunteers Infantry 1864-1865, a farmer, school teacher, 1866-1880, insurance agent from 1885 at Cicero, Indiana. He married 1874 at Lebanon, Indiana to Mary Frances Ritchie, daughter of Andrew Washington and Martha Ann (Sims). She was born December 1, 1856 at Boxley, Indiana.

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Fourth Generation- -born at Cicero (grandchildren of Noah and Hannah Dewey)
(the parents of these children was not clear, Perhaps children of Nathaniel Dewey above)
9337. Carrie Aroon, born August 29, 1875.
9338. Amma Kate born January 29, 1877
9339. Annin William born December 24, 1878
9340. Morris Benjamin born May 28, 1880
Roy Ritchie born September 9, 1886
Mary Gretchen born February 3, 1892 ("the first cousins of Goal Allison Dewey who gave him this study.")

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1. Thomas Dewey b. 1613 Sandwich, Kent, England d. 1648 Windsor, Mass
m. 22 March 1647/48 to Francis Clark d. 9/27/1690
Children; *Thomas, Josiah, Anna, Israel, Jedediah.

Thomas was the first Dewey to live in the colonies, what is now the United States. He is thought to have arrived on the ship "Lyon" in February, 1630, when he was 16 years of age. He is first mentioned in the Massachusetts Bay Colony Records in Aug. 1633.

There is a discrepancy in the various records on the lineage of Josiah. Is he the brother of Thomas the Settler or his son? Dates do not add up. If Thomas Dewey the first is the father of Josiah why is marriage 6 years after his birth. If he is the son of Thomas the Settler then the first Thomas must have had more than one wife.

Records from LDS: 2. Josiah Dewey b. 10 Oct 1641 Windsor, CT d. 7 Sept 1732 Northampton, Mass
m. 6 Nov 1662 Northampton, Mass to Hephzibah Lyman 1641-1722
Children; *Nathanial, William. One of seven founders of the Westfield Church, Northampton, Mass.

3. Nathaniel Dewey b 20 Feb 1673 Northampton, Mass d ?
m. Margaret Burroughs b. 05 Oct 1677
Children; *Noah, Samuel, Nathaniel, Sarah, Thomas, Hepzipah, Tamar, Margaret.
Farmer Northampton, Mass and Lebanon, CT.

4. Noah Dewey Sr. b. 13 May 1706 Lebanon, CT d. ?
m 03 Oct 1737 to Abigail Plumley at Lebanon, CT
Children: Noah,

5. Noah Dewey Jr. b 28 July 1734 Lebanon, CT. d?
m. 22 Feb 1757 to Abigail (Robinson) Flint
Children; Abigail, Lemuel, *Ezra.
Moved to Hartford, Vermont in 1764.

i. Thomas DEWEY II.
ii. Josiah DEWEY was born before 10 Oct 1641 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was christened on 10 Oct 1641 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He died on 7 Sep 1732. !Genealogical Chart in the Iowa Department of History and Archives Historical Library, Iowa City, IA.
iii. Anna DEWEY was born before 15 Oct 1643 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. She was christened on 15 Oct 1643 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut.
iv. Israel DEWEY was born on 23 Sep 1645 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He died in 1678.
v. Jedediah DEWEY was born on 15 Dec 1647 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was christened. He died.
320. Thomas DEWEY II was born on 16 Feb 1640 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. He died on 27 Apr 1690 in Westfield, Massachusetts. He was christened. !For source see notes under Thomas Dewey, Coronet. See additionally, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. XVI, p. 80 which lists the marriage of Thomas Dewey and "Constance" Hawes on 1 April 1663 at Dorchester, MA. The town records of Dorchester are cited as the source of this data. The family of Thomas and Constant or Constance is also listed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. VI, pp266-271. Some variances are noted between the two citations.

Thomas II spent most of his lie at Windsor, Ct, but removed to Westfield, Mass, where he died. He was married to Constant HAWES on 1 Jun 1663 in Dorchester, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

321. Constant HAWES was born on 17 Jul 1642 in Dorchester, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. She died on 26 Apr 1702 in Westfield, Massachusetts. She was buried. !Source: Pioneers of Massachusetts by Charles Henry Pope, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, p. 221. See also New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume VI 1852 p. 266. Children were:

i. Thomas DEWEY III was born in 1664 in Westfield, Connecticut. He was christened.

ii. Capt. Adijah DEWEY.

iii. Mary DEWEY died on 11 Jan 1666. She was born. She was christened.

iv. Hannah DEWEY was born on 21 Feb 1672.

v. Samuel DEWEY was born on 25 Jun 1674.

vi. Elizabeth DEWEY was born on 10 Jan 1676. She was christened.

vii. James DEWEY was born on 3 Jul 1678. He was christened. He died in In Infancy.

viii. Abigail DEWEY was born on 14 Feb 1680.

ix. James DEWEY was born on 12 Nov 1683. He was christened. He died in In Infancy.

x. Israel DEWEY was born.

NOTE: According to the dates of record, this would be Thomas Dewey the father of Thomas Dewey the Settler. If he did not emigrate to the Colonies I do not understand why the inventory to his estate was filed in Connecticut.

An Inventory of the Thos. Dewey Estate May the 19th, 1643 in Connecticut. The distribution of the estate was by the courte the 17th October 1648, as appears by the records of that Courte and provision made for the children's portions at ye Courte thee 6th June 1650

David Wilton
Robert Winchell

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(Additional notes from 1959)
Aunt Edna Smiley, Port Richey, Fla. (Sister of Gola Dewey) wrote me the following information and also sent the family record of the Benjamin line, Dewey line, and Allison line.

Nathaniel Benjamin (the 2nd great grandfather of Emil Burbridge) born June 25, 1795, married Hannah Johnson, born May 29, 1797. They were married November 7, 1814. He 19 and she 17. He was a builder and contractor and later a banker. He was buried not far from Dayton, Ohio. He was a Mason and Knight Templar. Their children: Catherine was born October 16, 1819 and Mary Anne born February 12, 1824. Nathaniel Benjamin left Morristown New Jersey for Ohio on September 15, 1817.

Catherine Benjamin married Dr. Annin Dewey. (2nd great grandparents of Emil Burbridge). He graduated from the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio and they moved to Indiana where he practiced medicine in Indianapolis and other places until the Civil War began. The he enlisted in an Indiana regiment and served as a Major which is the rank of M.D. in the Army. He also wrote war news for the Cincinnati paper. His son N.B. Dewey also enlisted in the Army and served thru the war. He lost his health but lived a long life.

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The Dunham-Wilcox-Trott-Kirk Site (1800 data files for CT, MA, RI, NJ, NY & MI) is a great site which researches the history of New England; including Vermont, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts. It includes many references and a descendants report on the Thomas Dewey family.

This Vermont site has several Dewey families listed. Vermont is the state that Noah lists as his birth place on the census. Almost certainly includes Noah's parents if we can just figure out which ones they are.

A very attractive site on New England Genealogy which also lists the Thomas Dewey family and a descendants report.

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