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This site will have downloadable files which contain genealogy relating to the Paschal/Paschall families of America with some British connections for a few lines. History note: Modern Paschal research was instituted by Edward Early Paschal(1866-1930),K536. Many, many people have contributed to these files besides myself over the last 44 years. Many of the old errors are corrected(see scrapbook,biographies.) Only the Paschal line is researched in depth but spouse data is included.SOURCE notes by the 1000's are included. I believe in FREE genealogy!! Please send data/corrections to: Clarence E. McDaniel; email to: cemcdan AT msn.com replace AT with the symbol @, no spaces or caps; put word paschal somewhere in subject line.


NOTE: I am going to use this area to suggest avenues of research that persons interested in Paschal-Paschall genealogy can help with if they can probe the internet. I will outline what is needed and hope someone will contribute. When I add an item here I have to edit the html index file and place it online; a chore.

I have this day updated my main William, C, file

18 Dec 2017 - A woman in Texas has asked me to write a Forward for a genealogy she is compliing of her Texas Paschal ancestors. She has sent me a large extract of that genealogy; It has reference listings almost beyond count; the best I have seen of modern work. I hope others who read it are as imspired as I am. She wishes to keep it private for the present...I have agreed to write the forward.

27 Feb 2017 - What needs to be done - I will describe what I think is a reasonable path to the ID of Willm, C's parents. 1st, it may be that Jana adopted Willm, ie, her sister may have marr a Paschal. Computers are not yet very good at simultaneously searching for two surnames in one place. That is what is needed. 2nd'ly, A record: The Scottish Convenanter Genealogical Index(1630-1712) exists and access is needed. Using the name, Englis, Inglis; date: 1670 +/- 15 years; find all Englis, Inglis names in England/Scotland AND then all Paschal, Paschall names, same span years, same places; compare both lists looking for names in the same Place at the same Time. Any found should be investigated as to family, religion, etc. What we are trying to do is determine a Place/Time frame for the family. Both Englnd/Scotland were heavily populated and religion/language varied in 1670. The ordinary reader will see what a problem this is, but there does not seem to be any other method but random searching. I am too old to get into this in the grand scale it requires; can just barely control this typescript, but mental ability is OK. Groups could do one search, another group the other then compare lists looking for a common place. Remember, you read it here, 1st.

17 Feb 2017 - If what happened to Jana, her brother, Thomas and maybe another brother,John(who drowned), who was a servant to Hopewell Hull, actually occurred, then we may find that the father, Englis-Inglis, was a preaching convenantor. Perhaps he was born Englis and moved to Scotland to avoid perscution. If so then he was subject, under Charles II, to execution without trial. The family became fugitives and hid their ancestry. It would explain what we have to a "T". There is a lot of history preserved on this illegal history, however, it was not a proud time in English-Scotch history.

Jan 28 2017 - This is what I think may have been done in regards as to how Gordan Bond found the Bible in 2002. Jana found herself in possession of the Bible; it had names on the first pages. She razored those pages out and added a statement claiming the Bible as hers and proceeded to make it a Parker Bible. She may have added other items noted by Bond.If you read the scrapbook pages of Jana you notice the comments by Gordon Bond of this. There is also a photo of where Jana asserted that the Bible was hers. I suggest this was done to remove any Inglis claim to the Bible; it being later named the Parker Bible. Why would she do this? The only reason I can see is to conceal the Bible's origin. Perhaps it belonged originally to an Inglis of some stature in the church, He may have been a convenantor, if so he would have been executed immediately if caught preaching. Charle's II did not give them the normal fake trial when caught. Read history of the Scots Convenanteers...I think we are near to a major discovery.

1/9/17 - Here is a scenerio I have conjured up. Thomas was a few years older than Jana and supposing they were bro/sis, Jana(widow?) may have been living at the tavern with her bro; Jana met and marr Samuel Parker, c1709, they having 4 boys while living at Samuel's farm(a noted farm) at Strawberry Hill. Samuel died 1725, Jana marr Nathaniel Paine 1726; (Samuel Paschal, D, b 1727.) Jana's son, Samuel Parker died 1732. Nathaniel Paine died 1733. Jana was Innkeeper in 1734. Thomas Inglis died 1735. Later, Henrietta Jane Bedford, an old maid, had no living relatives so bequeathed her estate to historical societies....Smithsonian would not accept guns so pistols went elsewhere? Bible, picures, etc, to Delaware Hist. Society.

12/30/16 On the Samuel Parker(1674-1725) family - This family is extinct in the male line; It seems there are female lines in the CHASE family(yes, the banker). I have traced the male lines to the last males in the 1900's.

The father of Willm I have IDed as "Xc" he can be a yeoman but Jana was likely a higher class.(look at her fancy signature in scrapbook). Years ago when I first started research I found the statement that Thomas, B, was the first of his name to arrive here. I discarded that idea and said he was more likely the first of his line to come here(1682). Read his letter(in French); he was NOT a learned man.

I found P'l stragglers in early MD/DE but not later generations. I have outlined another method in Xc's notes. The Inglis family had several religious persons afilliated with it, one had risen to a high office in NYC by the time of the revolution; he was a loyalist(estate of 71,000 pds confiscated). Others likely came here under a dark cloud due to refusing to take an oath to Charles II, the King.

Jana Inglis Parker Paine - Jana has very little facts known about her. We need a great deal more.

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About me

In my scientific work career I generated data and evaluated it; this has helped me in my genealogical endeavor. A genealogist must gather personal history of deceased ancestors.This consists of documents(evidence) and artifacts. The documents have value depending on their age and type. Hear say(a family story) has only value as a lead to the evidence; no value in determining a fact. In my work of gathering Paschal documents I naturally became biased to certain conclusions....some of which were wrong, some right. It is nonetheless the genealogists responsibility to record what he considers the interpretation of a documents meaning which is often unclear rather than to keep it to himself and so lose it. I often, after 44 years of experience, offer my opinion. I try to show it is my opinion and not fact by using the words: likely, could be, possible, possibility, presumed, assumed,  in my writing. People who read this think I mean it as FACT. When it is fact I support it with a document which I have interpreted. Sometimes it takes several documents none of which separately say exactly what is wanted but taken together they, it is said, prove it. In my biographies of Paschal ancestors, I list my conclusions quite often based on my gut feelings and nothing more...this is done so that a reader has a lead to search for the proper documents. E'nuff said except that everything published here and elsewhere of a genealogical nature by me is free and open to the public. The only thing I ask is that you use my name when you access and publish it..so that I get the blame...

When I receive an email with info about a P'l ancestor I proceed to look it up in my file, ID the line, place the info in my file, post it online, etc. I then ask the person submitting the info for their permission to cite their name, city, state. If I get a query asking about the submitter, I send it to them so they can decide what to do. Several persons have met lost cousins in this manner. My only request is that they keep me in the loop so that ALL Paschal's benefit.

There are over 8900 P'ls & spouses in my file, most born before 1900. I believe people should do their own leg work after 1900...they can start with the free 1940 census and work back. In my files of the B and C lines the C-line is represented by 92%, and the B-line by 8% of the files. Those that can not do this may send me their info and I will do what I can.(no charge) Please do NOT send info in strange suffixes; use .jpg or .txt. The converters are free on the internet.

My genie program, Ancestral Quest(AQ), has several types of documents that may be put in their scrapbook(I hate that word) for each person. I am adding documents to these scrapbooks daily. They are accessed from the individual files right after the name by the word, "scrapbook".

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Main Genealogy Files

Here is a list of of my web files made with Ancesral Quest. They are in .htm format with indexes.If you know the spouse's name use it to quickly find your Paschal place.