Supplement to Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 24 Oct 1857 Collumpton Petty Sessions ROOKLEY BLACKMORE Raising Hue and Cry

Supplement to Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Saturday 24 Oct 1857 Page 4



Magistrates present:- E. S. DREWE, Esq. (chairman,) Rev. John HUYSHE, Rev. J. P. SYDENHAM, Rev. H. T. TUCKER, and W. C. GRANT, Esq.

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RAISING HUE AND CRY. - Thomas ROOKLEY and William BLACKMOORE, two labourers, of Kentisbeare, were summoned by P.C. WILDERMOTH, and charged with “raising hue and cry” by using profane language, thereby disturbing the inhabitants. - It appeared the two defendants were in the street for some time and near the officer's door using various oaths and allusions to complainant, who is an Irishman. They were requested to leave, and reluctantly did so, but before long they returned and remained about the streets from eleven o'clock at night to one in the morning. - The defendants were ordered to find a surety each in the sum of £20 to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for twelve months and pay the costs. - They found the required sureties.


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