The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegram 19 Apr 1876 Cullompton Petty Sessions

The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegram Wednesday 19 Apr 1876


PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. - Before J. C. NEWE, Esq. (chairman), J. M. MARKER, and T. TURNER, Esqrs. - John GREENSLADE, carpenter, Skilgate, Wiveliscombe, was summoned by Charles HELLINGS, Holcombe Rogus, for nonfulfilment of contract made by him. - It appeared that defendant agreed to work for the prosecutor at 14s. a week, with house and garden free. When the time came (Lady-day) defendant did not make his appearance. - Prosecutor said he had lost £5 by it. - Defendant was fined 30s., and costs 10s. Allowed a fortnight to pay. - C. HELLINGS, prosecutor in the last case, was charged with having placed a quantity of quantity of stones and cob before his house at Holcombe Rogus, on the 27th March, to the obstruction of the public. - Defendant said he removed it as soon as he possibly could. - The Chairman said there had been a breach of the law, but it was not a very bad offence, and he would be fined 10s., including costs. - James ROOKLEY, labourer, Silverton; William MILDON, Culmstock; John COOK, Culmstock; John ARTHURS, Sampford Peverell; and Stephen OLIVER, Sampford Peverell; were mulcted in penalties of from 2s. 6d. to 5s. and costs, for drunkenness. - William HARRIS, late of Culmstock, was summoned for not paying a poor-rate to the amount of £5 9s. 1d., levied on certain of his property in Culmstock. - Defendant did not appear. - The case was proved by Robert CHANNING, assistant overseer of Culmstock. - Ordered to be paid, and, if not, a distress warrant to be issue. - Thomas WILLIAMS, farmer, was summoned by William CAPEL for 6s. 6d., the amount due to him for repairing a certain hedge, and for binding 141 faggots of wood. - Defendant called his son, who said that he and his father had done the work. - The money was ordered to be paid, with costs. - Harriet SALTER, charged with assaulting a lad named Tom COLES, at Willand, on Saturday last, was discharged on payment of half the costs, defendant to pay the other half. - John TWOSE, waggoner, was charged with stealing 102lbs of coal, on Saturday last, the property of Frederick WOODBURY, of Nicholas HAYNE. - Defendant said he was a sergeant in the militia, and he had to assemble on the 8th of May for training. - Sentenced to 21 days' imprisonment with hard labour.


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