The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegram 23 Nov 1881 Cullompton Petty Sessions

The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegram Wednesday 23 Nov 1881 Page


PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. - Before H. WALROND, Esq. (Chairman), General DREWE, G. M. MARKER, C. R. COLLINS, J. C. NEW and T. TURNER, Esqs. – Charles PERCY and Sarah HOOKINS, of Bradninch were fined 15s. 6d. For assaulting Elizabeth PERCY, at Bradninch, on the 16th ult. - Samuel WRIGHT, labourer, was summoned for ill-treating four horses. Inspector OSBORNE, of the R.S.P.C.A., prosecuted. On the 25th October, the defendant was seen at the Halfway House, Tiverton Junction, ill-treating the horses; and at the Lamb, Burlescombe, the defendant was seen to strike the horses with the butt-end of his whip. - The defendant was fined 40s. or one month's imprisonment. - James SALTER was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the previous Saturday night. The defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 10s. including costs, or seven days. - James GILLARD, an elderly man, for being drunk at Butterleigh on the 8th inst., was fined 8s. 6d. and costs. - George WARREN, for a similar offence at Silverton on the 9th November, was fined 10s. including costs. - Charles PYE, labourer, was fined 15s. for a like offence at Silverton on the 9th inst. - James ROOKLEY, Kentisbeare, was summoned for trespassing in pursuit of game on land in the occupation of the Rev. P. F. BRITTON. The defendant was fined £5 and costs, or two months' imprisonment. - William ROOKLEY, Broadhembury, was summoned for a similar offence on land in the occupation of General DREWE. The defendant was fined 40s. including costs, or one month's imprisonment. - John RADFORD and James HUTCHINGS, labourers, were charged with stealing a quantity of faggot wood, the property of Mr. Edward THOMAS, Silverton. On the 6th inst. prosecutor and the constable went to his orchard and found the fastening of his gate undone. Several faggots of wood were missing from the rick. - P.C. BRIGHT stated that on the 5th of November he saw the defendants come from the vicinity of the orchard with two faggots of wood. Witness took away the wood from HUTCHINGS. RADFORD ran away. The defendants pleaded guilty, and were fined 10s. each. - Albert GRIFFIN, John POLLARD, and Frederick MILLER, boys, were charged with stealing five plough-shares, the property of John BIDGOOD, Bradninch. - Jane LIDDEN said that on the 7th November defendant came to her at mid-day. GRIFFIN had two plough-shares in a basket, and POLLARD had one in his hand. GRIFFIN asked witness to buy them for old iron, and said he found them. This she refused to do. On the following morning, when spoken to by the policeman on the subject, GRIFFIN and MILLER admitted taking them. POLLARD said he had returned the one he took. The prisoners pleaded guilty. - GRIFFEN was ordered to receive six strokes with the birch, and to be sent to an Industrial School till he reached the age of 16; POLLARD was ordered to receive six strokes, and MILLER four strokes. - Henry MAZALL, labourer, was summoned for stealing, on the 15th inst., a quantity of straw value 2s., the property of the Kensham Paper Mill Company. The defendant was also charged with stealing a quantity of straw, value 6d., on the 14th inst. On the 15th November P.C. PIKE was on duty at Pendennis, Bradninch. He saw the defendant and a man named MOUNTSTEVENS, each with a bundle of straw which they put in the latter's pigstye. On the following morning he went to MOUNTSTEVENS' house and received from him two bundles of straw. The straw was traced from the Company's premises – MOUNTSTEPHENS said that he had made an agreement with the defendant to buy some “waste” at 3d. a bundle. - In the second case, John TUCKER, foreman at the mill, said that the defendant had told him that he had sold three bundles of straw. He had paid for no straw or rubbish. There ought not to have been a pound of straw with the “waste.” - Mr. HALL said the Company did not wish to press the case, but desired it to act as a deterrent to others. - Fined £1 1s. in each case.


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