The Tiverton and East Devon Gazette 25 May 1875 Cullompton Petty Sessions Assault Daniel ROOKLEY

The Tiverton Gazette & East Devon Herald Tuesday 25 May 1875 Page 5



YESTERDAY, (Monday). - Before C R COLLINS, Esq, (in the chair), Rev J HUYSHE, E S DREWE, G M MARKER, and W C RAYER, Esqrs.

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ASSAULT. - Edmund BROOM was summoned by Daniel ROOKLEY with assaulting him on the 15th inst. - There was also a cross summons, BROOM charging ROOKLEY with assaulting him at the same time and place. - Mr LOOSEMORE appeared for ROOKLEY, and BROOM was undefended. - From the evidence of BROOM it appeared that he ROOKLEY, and another man, named POTTER, were coming home from work together on Saturday, the 15th instant and during a conversation they had, ROOKLEY remarked that his daughter was coming home, and said she did not like BROOM at all because he cheated her out of some apples which he once measured for her. BROOM said it was an untruth and ROOKLEY replied that if BROOM called him a liar again he would knock him down. BROOM said that he had better try, and took off his coat, and ROOKLEY offered to fight him on the following Monday morning for a sovereign. BROOM said he would fight him there and then for two sovereigns. BROOM then took off his coat, and offered to fight him, but ROOKLEY refused, and went towards his home, and when nearing it and inside a gate which led to it, BROOM came up, when ROOKLEY took a large stone and flung at him and hit him in the face, which took the skin off one side. - By Mr LOOSEMORE: ROOKLEY had a pint cup in his hand with some liquor in it. Would swear that he did not throw a stone in the passage where ROOKLEY was. - William POTTER, who was in company with the parties, gave evidence as to seeing ROOKLEY throw a stone, and hit BROOM in his face, but stated that after that he saw BROOM take up another stone, and fling it towards where ROOKLEY had been. He heard one of ROOKLEY's children cry out that he was struck in the leg. - Mr LOOSEMORE addressed the Bench and said that under the circumstances he did not think that the Magistrates could see otherwise than that BROOM was the aggressor. - The Chairman said the Bench were of opinion that it would be much better if both were to shake hands and pay their own expenses, which was done.


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