The Tiverton Gazette and East Devon Herald 12 Mar 1889 Births Marriages and Deaths

Tiverton Gazette and East Devon Herald Tuesday 12 Mar 1889 Page 5

Births, Marriages, & Deaths.


ANDREWS. - March 6, at Coldharbour, Uffculme, the wife of Mr. William ANDREWS, a son.

BEEDELL. - March 2, at Great Bradley, the wife of Mr. William BEEDELL, a daughter.

DEEKS. - February 26, at Angel Terrace, Tiverton, the wife of Charles H. DEEKS, a son.

DREW – March 4, at St. Mary's Lane, Bampton, the wife of Mr. J. DREW, a daughter.

HOOKWAY. - March 5, at Three Elms, Uffculme, the wife of Mr. John HOOKWAY, a son.

HOSEGOOD. - March 8, at Brook-street, Bampton, the wife of Mr. John HOSEGOOD, Relieving Officer, a daughter.

MARTIN. - March 8, at the College, Higher-street, Cullompton, the wife of Mr. John MARTIN, a son.

NORTON. - March 5, at Hill Head, Uffculme, the wife of Mr. Henry NORTON, a son

PRING. - March 1, at New-street, Cullompton, the wife of Mr. William PRING, a son.

SIM – March 3, at Parklands, Bradninch, the wife of the Rev. Stewart SIM, a daughter.

STUDLEY. - March 10, at Commercial–road, Uffculme, the wife of Mr. John STUDLEY, a son.

WRIGHT. - March 6, at Hill Cottage, Cullompton, the wife of Mr. Henry WRIGHT, a son.


CHANIN-HEARD. - March 5, at Cove, Tiverton, by the Rev. A. RAWLINGS, Robert, eldest son of Mr. CHANIN, Deptford, Bampton, to Mildred, only daughter of the late Mr. HEARD, Combland, Tiverton.

HALES-ROOKLEY. - March 5, at the Parish Church, Halberton, by the Rev. E. I. GREGORY, Mr. Rowland George HALES, of Halberton, to Miss Mary ROOKLEY of Halberton.

HARRIS-GERMAN – March 3, at Chittlehampton, William, son of Mr. HARRIS, Dipford Farm, to Mrs. GERMAN, of Northmolton.

TAYLOR-BROOKS. - March 7, at St. Andrew's Church, Cullompton, by the Rev. W. WEIR. Mr. F. TAYLOR to Miss Eliza BROOKS, both of Cullompton


BOYCE. - March 6, at the Alms Houses, Wellbrook, Tiverton, William BOYCE, aged 79.

DENNING. - March 6, at Melbourne-street, Tiverton, Elizabeth Ann DENNING, wife of John DENNING, aged 40.

DAVY. - March 10, at the College, Higher-street, Cullompton, Miss Mary DAVY, aged 55.

FRASER. - March 7, at Gotham House, Tiverton, James Denholm FRASER, late Provost-Marshal, &c., of British Guiana, aged 69.

GODDARD. - February 28, at Holwell, Tiverton, George GODDARD, aged 82.

NEX. - March 7, at Crow Green, Cullompton, Sidney NEX, aged 15.

RIDGEWAY. - March 1, at Coldharbour, Uffculme, Annie, infant daughter of Mr. Charles RIDGEWAY, aged 8 months.

RUSSEL. - March 3, at Halberton, Mr. Samuel RUSSEL.

SIM. - March 5, at Parklands, Bradninch, the infant daughter of Rev. Stewart SIM.

TROTT – March 9, at Kentisbeare, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert TROTT, aged 17.

VINNACOMBE. - March 8, at Prospect Place, Wellbrook-street, Tiverton, Harry Percy, youngest child of Fred and Ellen VINNACOMBE, age 16 months.

WEBBER. - March 3, at the Works, Tiverton, Louisa WEBBER, aged 21.

WOOLCOTT. - March 1, at Wathamstow, Mr. WOOLCOTT, second son of Mr. Philip WOOLCOTT, formerly of Uffculme, aged 64.

WYNN – March 2, at Brusford, Florence Evelyn WYNN, aged 15.


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