The Tiverton Gazette and East Devon Herald 16 Dec 1879 Cullompton Petty Sessions No License James ROOKLEY

Tiverton Gazette & East Devon Herald Tuesday 16 Dec 1879 Page 8


(From our Second Edition of last week.)

MONDAY. - Before J. C. NEW, Esq., (in the chair), C. R. COLLINS, and T. TURNER, Esqs.

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James ROOKLEY, a labourer, of Kentisbeare, was summoned for keeping a dog without a license. - P.C. DYMOND stated that on the 13th November he saw defendant's wife with a dog, and upon asking her for her license, she replied that she had none, because the dog was under age. Witness considered the dog was over twelve months old. A few days afterwards the defendant came to his house and informed him that he had given the dog away. - Defendant was fined the costs, 8s, and allowed a fortnight to pay the money.

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