The Western Times 03 Nov 1876 Cullompton Magistrates Meeting

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The Western Times; Exeter Friday 03 Nov 1876
Page 7


MAGISTRATES' MEETING – Tuesday. - Before R. H. CLARKE, Esq. (chairman), T. TURNER, C. R. COLLINS, and G. M. MARKER, Esqrs. - James MAYNE, landlord of the Four House Shoes, Kentisbeer, was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on the 13th October on lands in the parish of Kentisbeare, over which Sir John CLAY, Uffculme, has the right of shooting. P.C. DIMENT said he saw defendant on the day in question with two dogs in a plantation belonging to the Dulford Estate, about 3.30 p.m. Witness told him he had no right there. Defendant replied he had a path through the plantation to take his bullocks to a pond to drink. Witness told him he had no bullocks there then – Sergt. BRIGHT, Cullompton, gave corroborative evidence. - Defendant admitted being in the plantation, but denied being there for the purpose imputed to him. He said he was there to repair some of the fences. - Their Worships considered the case proved, and fined defendant 40s including costs. - Henry PEARCE and Thomas ROOK, Silverton, labourers, were charged with, on the 15th inst, being drunk on the highway, in the parish of Silverton. - John CARNELL, farmer, of the same place, said about 9 o'clock a.m. on Sunday, the 15th Oct., he was going to some of his fields and saw defendants; they were noisy, and when he came to them were very abusive to him. They were very drunk. - P.C. DODD, Silverton, deposed to hearing defendants admit the following day there were a little “drinkey.” - Defendants denied they were drunk. Fined 13s 6d each including costs. - Richard NEEDS, Cullompton, labourer, charged with being drunk at Cullompton on the evening of the 20th October, was fined, costs, 8s. - Wm. ROOKLEY, labourer, Kentisbeer, was charged with trespassing onlands in the parish of Uffculme, over which Sir John CLAY has the right of shooting, in pursuit of game on the 12th October. - Francis WHITE said he was a farmer residing at Uffculme, and on the day in question, about noon, saw defendant come out of a field occupied by Mr. TROTT, the property of Sir John W. WALROND. He also saw defendant on ground belonging to Mr. MARKER, over which Sir John CLAY had the right of shooting. Witness went and spoke to defendant; asked him what he had in his pockets, and said if he did not deliver the contents to him he would take defendant to Mr. WOOD's, when he gave to witness a ferret and some nets, and asked him not to say anything about it. Defendant admitted being in the plantation, but contended there was a right of path there, and he was only going through on it. - The right of path was denied. - Fined £? 10s including costs.

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