The Western Times 07 Jul 1881 Cullompton Taunton

The Western Times Thursday 07 Jul 1881 Page 4


PETTY SESSIONS – Monday. - Before T. TURNER, Esq. (chairman), J. C. NEW, G. M. MARKER, and H. WALROND, Esqrs. - Albert BAKER, sailor, Cullompton, admitted being drunk in the streets of Cullompton on the 25th ult., and was fined, with costs, 8s 6d, or in default of payment, seven days, - John CULVERWELL, farmer, Clayhidon, was charged with having on the 26th June three cows astray on the highway. Defendant was represented by his daughter. - P.C. ANDREWS proved seeing the animals straying on the road. - Alfred THOMAS, of the 1st Somerset Militia, said he went to Mr. CULVERWELL's farm to see defendant's son, and neglected to fasten the gate when he left. The cattle being astray was therefore his fault – Fined 10s including costs. - John ROOKLEY, labourer, Kentisbeare, was charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on lands in the occupation of Mr. BROOM, in the parish of Kentisbeare, on the 26th ult. Defendant did not appear. - P.C. DIMENT deposed to seeing a gin set in the hedge early on the day in question. He secreted himself, and afterwards watched it. About an hour after defendant came and took the gin away. He (witness) spoke to him, and defendant said it was a – caution. - In consequence of numerous previous convictions defendant was fined 40s and costs, or in default, one month's hard labour – George BRIGHT, labourer, Bradninch, admitted being drunk in the parish of Cullompton whilst in charge of a waggon and horse, on June 27th. - Fined 10s 6d including costs. - John DUMMETT, labourer, Payhembury, was summoned by Eliza MILDON, a married woman, of the same place (but who has for some time been living with defendant), to show cause why he should not contribute towards the maintenance of her illegitimated child, now three years old, of which he was father. The parties separated about eight weeks ago. - Mr. TOBY appeared for defendant, and argued that as complainant was not a single person she could not have an order granted. - Their worships held this view, and dismissed the case, but advised a compromise in view of possible future proceedings. - John LEMON, aged 10, whose parents reside at Bradninch, was charged with stealing from them on the 10th ult three penny worth of buscuits <sic>, a pound of sugar, and five books. - The parents desired that the boy – who is, it appears, unmanageable – might be sent to an industrial school, they being willing to contribute 1s weekly towards his maintenance. - The application was granted, and the boy was ordered to be sent to the Exminster School.


SWINE FEVER. - A meeting of the sub-committee for the Taunton division under the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act was held at the Shire Hall on Monday, under the presidency of Mr. S. A. KINGLAKE. - Supt. GOLDSMITH reported the existence of swine fever on the farm in the occupation of Mr. John FOURACRE, of Oake, and it was ordered that all the pigs there should be slaughtered. - The Committee then considered a circular from the Chief Constable as to the desirability of prehibiting the sale of swine for a limited period, and came to the unanimous decision that it would be well for a time that the fairs, markets, &c., should be closed as far as the sale of swine was concerned, and it was suggested that the Executive Committee should apply to the Privy Council for authority to make such an order.


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