The Western Times 10 Mar 1855 Devon Lent Assizes

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The Western Times Exeter Saturday 10 Mar 1855

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These Assizes will commence on Thursday next, on which day the Judges – Mr. Justice ERLE and Mr. Justice CROWDEN – will open commission at the Castle of Exeter, and will afterwards repair to the Guildhall to open the commission for the city. On the following day their Lordships will attend Divine Service at the Cathedral, after which the business in the both courts will commence.

The following is the list of prisoners for trial up to the present time in the county:-

Eliza BOUCHER, charged with the murder of her illegitimate child, at Fremington. John DANIEL, attempting to poison W. H. DANIEL, his father, in the parish of Halberton. John CUMING, charged with setting fire to a rick at Moreton. William WARD, burglary at Bideford. James SNELL, shooting at James WAKLEY and Richard BLACKMORE, with intent, &c., at Bideford. James DENING, charged with a similar offence at Ottery St. Mary. Samuel COCKING, burglary at Bideford. William PESTER and Thomas DARCH, highway robbery in the parish of Rackenford. Wm. COX, burglary at Axminster. Susan HIGGINS, bigamy at East Stonehouse. Samuel STONE and George PROUT, stealing metal at Slapton. James, John and George BRADLEY, of Luppitt, alleged perjury. John GOAD, stabbing at Brixham. Robert TOOZE, shooting at Charles LOUD, at Culmstock. John CAIN, assault and robbery at Woodbury. John ROOKLEY, stealing ducks at Cullompton from Mr. HAWKINS. John NORMAN, stealing a shovel at Culmstock from Mr. James SALTER. John OPIE, assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty, at Moreton. John FISHLEY, burglary at St. Giles in the Heath. Ann Maria BURNEL, setting fire to a rick of hay at Staverton. George MERCHANT, stealing a dog cart, &c., at Torquay, the property of Mr. W. DEAR. James HOSKING, burglary at Tamerton Foliott. Alexander RAWLINS, stabbing and wounding, with intent, &c., in Dartmoor Prison. John Hannaford EDMONDS, burglary at Stoke Fleming. James TAYLOR (an escaped convict), burglary at Bachelor's Hall, in the parish of Lidford.

The business in the Nisi Prius Court is expected to be rather heavy. There are three special jury cases already entered.

The following is the list of prisoners for trial in the city, up to the present time:- Alfred WILLIAMS, aged 29, charged with forgery; Eliza RADFORD, 19, stealing neckerchiefs, &c.; Benjamin MARSH, 18, stealing a shilling from his master; George HARRIS, 24, stealing a coat; Robert GRANT, 17, stealing a silver spoon; Thomas Baily KINSMAN, 18, obtaining goods by false pretences; William LAKE, 18, stealing bread; Elizabeth RENDELL, 17, stealing a sovereign; William HOOPER, 30, unlawfully illusing his apprentice, &c.; Benjamin ZELLEY, 20, stealing a hair front; Elizabeth MARSHALL, 24, stealing two half-crowns, &c. - On bail. - John MARTIN, stealing a railway trench chain; Susan COUCH, 20, stealing pair of ear-drops.

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