The Western Times 22 Jan 1864 Kentisbeare Fatal Accident Elizabeth ROOKLEY

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The Western Times; Exeter. Friday 22 Jan 1864

Page 7 Column 4

KENTISBEARE. - FATAL ACCIDENT. - At seven o'clock on the evening of Tuesday, last week, Elizabeth ROOKLEY, aged two years and nine months, daughter of James ROOKLEY, farm labourer, of Ponchedown, was left in the house with her two sisters, one older and one younger – the mother having gone to Kentisbeare, the father had gone down to meet her, and an elder sister 13 years of age, had just left the house to get some water. She had not gone far before she was called back and on going into the house saw deceased's pinafore flaming, and a lighted candle in her hand, which had been left on the table. After putting out the flames she carried the child to Charlotte BAKER – deceased was burnt on one of her arms and on her neck underneath the chin. At one o'clock on the following day the child became worse. Dr. GRIBBLE, Cullompton, was sent for, and attended in the evening on his arrival home, but deceased had died two or three hours before he got to the place. On Saturday last an inquest was held on the body before Spencer M. COX, Esq., when after hearing the evidence the jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”

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