The Western Times 23 Oct 1952 Cullompton Petty Sessions James ROOKLEY Stealing Apples

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The Western Times; Exeter Saturday 23 Oct 1852

Page 7 Column 5


The monthly petty sessions for this division of the county were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, before E. S. DREWE, Esq., (chairman), W. C. GRANT, Esq., and F. HOLE Esq.

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JAMES ROOKLEY, a labourer, pleaded guilty to stealing apples from Mr. Edward HAWKINS's orchard in Cullompton, on Sunday, the 17th of October. The Bench were unable to deal with the case summarily, inasmuch as it appeared that the prisoner had stolen the apples from a heap in the orchard – the law making a difference between stealing apples from a heap, and taking them from a tree. The prisoner was a poor man, and evinced great contrition – it appeared he went into the prosecutor's orchard, picked up twenty apples, put them in his pockets, and was walking away, when Mr. HAWKINS stopped him, and the prisoner gave up the apples. The prosecutor reluctantly prosecuted, but having had a quantity of apples stolen, he wanted a “stop put to it.” The Bench committed him for trial at the sessions.

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