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The Western Times. Friday 27 Sep 1912
Page 12


Mr. H. SANDERS, of Cullompton, addressed the Wesleyan Bible Class on Sunday. His subject was, “The feeding of the five thousand.”

The dust nuisance has been greatly diminished during the past week on the Junction-road thanks to the Surveyor (Mr. A. J. MILDON) for the use of the horse-drawn broom.

It is proposed to erect a memorial to the late Canon PRIDEAUX (formerly Rector of Halberton) in the Church of St. Saviour's, Redland, Bristol, of which place the Canon was rector for many years.

A very successful sale was held at Tucker's Farm, Halberton village, on Friday, the auctioneer being Mr. W. J. THORNE, of Willand and Cullompton. There was a large attendance, and good prices were realised.

Primroses have been in full bloom in Mr. Wm. HARRIS' Garden, of the village. They were exhibited at the post office on Tuesday. Similar blooms may also be seen at Crosslands and Ash Thomas in the gardens of Mr. J. ROOKLEY and Mr. CHUBBS.

Miss Annie WILLIAMS, of Ash Thomas, left Halberton for Saskatoon, Canada, on Tuesday, sailing from Liverpool by the “Empress of Ireland.” Miss WILLIAMS is to be married to Mr. Sidney GOLD, formerly of Kentsbeare <sic>, who sailed for Canada about three years ago.

The prospective vicar paid a visit to the parish on Thursday, but whether he will accept the living is not yet known.

A correspondent writes: A lot of talk has taken place during the last few weeks concerning a bachelor parson who was supposed to have paid a visit to the Vicarage with a view to the acceptance of the living (vacant by the death of the late Canon PRIDEAUX). Evidently, someone has been misled, as the writer had it on reliable authority that no such person has been to see the Vicarage or church with a view to taking the living.

During the absence of P.C. SCREECH, who is away on holiday, the sign over his door bearing the inscription: “Devon Constabulary” ras <sic> fallen to the ground. P.C. BLACKMORE (Sampford Peverell) who is here on relief duty, took possession of the pieces and now all is quiet, except the “W.T.” newsagent's bell!


A fire broke out early on Monday at Woodcockhayes Farm, situated on the main road to Tiverton Junction Railway Station, about a mile and a half from Halberton. The farm was occupied by Mr. E. JAMES, who together with his family, were busy engaged churning and butter making, when they were first alarmed by Mr. A. J. MILDON, road surveyor to the Tiverton District Council, who was passing at the time, and saw smoke coming from the roof by a chimney stack. Just at this moment, Mr. W. JAMES, jun., who was in the garden, also rushed indoors to give the alarm. The Tiverton Fire Brigade was at once sent for, Mr. JAMES, jun., cycling into the town, and within a short time was on the spot. The Cullompton Brigade also arrived, under Capt. BROOKS. The firemen quickly got to work, giving their attention first to a large haystack close by the outbuildings, which they saved. Luckily the wind was in their favour, otherwise they would have had a difficult task. Through the united efforts of the Brigades most of the outbuildings were saved, a good supply of water being found about a quarter of a mile away. All the furniture that could be removed was carried to a place of safety by a band of willing workers, help having been forthcoming from the employees at the Duchess of Devonshire Butter Factory.

The property was about 300 years old, and is owned by Mr. PALK, of Torquay. A Mr. POTTER had taken the farm, and was entering into possession at Michaelmas.


Advantage has been taken of the fine weather during the past week. Everyone seems to have been busy lifting the potato crop.

Some good hay has been made and carried during the present month.

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