The Western Times 29 Apr 1870 Cullompton Petty Sessions

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The Western Times; Exeter 29 Apr 1870
Page 7


PETTY SESSIONS. - Monday – Present: E. S. DREWE, Esq., Rev. J. HUYSHE, Rev. J. P. SYDENHAM, and J. C. NEW, Esq. - Charles BROOKS, Cullompton, chimney sweep who did not appear, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in the street, at Cullompton, on the 11th inst P.C. WILTON proved the charge. Sentenced to a week in gaol. - James STONE, James HINE, John WALKER, Simon STONE, and James MANLEY, all of Hemyock, were summoned for assaulting Thomas MELHUISH. Complainant said he was working at the New Inn, Hemyock, on the 16th instant. After he had finished he went into the kitchen to have gomething <sic> to drink, where he saw the defendants. James STONE struck him. He went out to the pump, and on coming in at the back door was attacked by James STONE and James HINE, who knocked him down and kicked him in the thigh. Complainant cried murder, and ran round to the front of the house, when the other defendants attacked him. He could not swear that Simon STONE struck him. Complainant went to go home, but was forced to seek shelter for the night at the New Inn. Evidence was called on both sides, when such contradictory statements were made as rendered it difficult to get at the real facts. Simon STONE was discharged – the other four were fined £1 each including costs. The money was paid. - James HINE, Hemyock, one of the former defendants, was now charged with being drunk and riotous on the night of the 16th instant. P.C. HORWILL proved the case. Fined 5s and costs. - Daniel ROOKLEY, Kentisbeare, was charged by Annie IRWIN with assaulting her on Good Friday. Complainant said she was coming on the road from Pounchy Down when defendant and his wife were having some words. Defendant came up to her and struck her several severe blows, and called her an improper name. Defendant said it was plaintiff who called his wife the bad name, and he went to her and gave her a shake. The Bench reminded him that was an assault, though perhaps committed under great provocation. Fined 6d and costs. - Charles CORNER, Culmstock, labourer was summoned for assaulting Elizabeth ACLAND, on the 21st instant. Complainant said defendant came to her house on the day in question and brought two sheets to her to say they were not his, he having previously lodged in her house and used his own bedding. She went upstairs to fetch two of her own to convince defendant, when he tried to take away the sheets, and struck her several blows. Defendant appeared of an irritable temperament, but several good characters being given him for industry, honesty, and sobriety, a fine of 6d and costs was all the punishment inflicted.

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