Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 29 Sep 1849 Collumpton Petty Sessions Apple Stealing William ROOKLEY

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Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette. Saturday 29 Sep 1849

Page 7 Column 4


The Petty Sessions for the Division of Collumpton were held at the Half Moon Inn on Wednesday, before E. S. DREWE, Esq. (Chairman), the Rev. J. P. SYDENHAM, and R. H. CLARKE, Esq.

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APPLE STEALING. - William ROOKLEY was charged with stealing apples in Kentisbeare on the 19th instant, from the orchard of Mr. Edmund COOK, of Blackborough.

Jane FROST said she went into the orchard last Wednesday morning just after eight o'clock, and saw the prisoner pick four apples from a tree. He also stooped under the tree and picked up some that were lying under. He did the same thing to another tree. She accosted him, and he said that he was only picking up “a crumpling or two.” Afterwards she found a heap of five and twenty or thirty similar apples in the corner of the hedge.

The defendant said his horse ran away down the road, and he cut across the orchard to get in front of it, when he picked up an apple or two, and then Mrs. FROST said to him, “Ah, Mr. ROOKLEY, you are helping yourself I see.”

Mr. DREWE. - I am afraid you and your family live on the industry of other people. Haven't you been here before?

Mr. Arthur LEIGH, on referring to the conviction book, ascertained that the defendant had been before the Bench on a charge of stealing peas.

Mr. SYDENHAM. - What's your father?

Defendant. - He goes about selling plants.

Mr. DREWE. I am afraid he doesn't set you a good example, if my memory serves me right.

Mr. SYDENHAM. - How old are you?

Defendant. - Seventeen years old.

Mr. SYDENHAM. - And have been convicted twice. Have you ever been in gaol?

Defendant. - No.

Mr. DREWE. - Then we must try that, and give up the fining system. The sentence is, that you be confined in the House of Correction for 21 days' hard labour.

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<NOTES: William ROOKLEY son of John ROOKLEY and Mary AYRES, married Jane HUNT>