The Western Gazette 10 Jan 1930 Gillingham Death and Funeral of Mr Edwin Charlie GODWIN includes FOURACRE

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The Western Gazette North Dorset Edition Friday 10 Jan 1930

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His many friends received a severe shock when it became known that Mr. Edward Charlie GODWIN had passed unexpectedly away on Wednesday of last week. Mr. GODWIN had been about as usual during Christmas, and it was not known there was anything amiss with him. He died after an illness of only a day or so. He was born at East Stour, and soon afterwards his parents went to reside at Madjeston Farm, where he had lived ever since. He took over the farm from his late father some 36 years ago. He was exceedingly well-known in the agricultural world. He was a prominent member of the Gillingham Constitutional Club, and some years ago he served on the Committee, while he had been captain of the club's skittles team for many years. He was aged 55.

The funeral took place on Monday, when the remains were laid to rest beside those of his wife, who pre-deceased him some 16 years ago, at the new Cemetery, Gillingham. The service at St. Mary's Church and the committal rites were conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. R. E. G. NEWMAN. The family mourners were Mrs. E. J. CRESSWELL, Mrs. R, FOURACRE, and Mrs. J. SWANTON, sisters; Messrs. R. FOURACRE and J. SWANTON, brothers-in-law; Mr. G. GODWIN, uncle; Mr. H. GODWIN, cousin; Mr. E. FOURACRE, nephew; Miss WARREN, housekeeper; Messrs. F. FRANCIS and B. WEST, two employees, who have been with Mr. GODWIN for many years. Among others present were Messrs. L. HUNT and J. ROWDEN (Gillingham Constitutional Club), J. COLE (chairman of the Gillingham Grammar School Old Boys' Association), C. J. DEWEY (Mere), H. P. RIDOUT and W. WARREN (Wincanton). Arthur HISCOCK, A. TUCKER, J. W. SHUTE, H. C. WYLD, B. ROSE (J. H. Rose & Son), W. CROCKER, E. YEATMAN, G. H. BUTLER, W. LEE, E. LEAR, A. W. SHUTE, A. J. BUCKLEY, A. CHINN, P. PERRETT, R. WHITE, E. SWANTON, W. H. HONEYFIELD, B. VEALE, B. SNOOK, G. WETHERELL, and many others. Amongst the beautiful floral tributes was a wreath inscribed “In kind remembrance of our Captain, from the skittles players of Gillingham Constitutional Club.”

The family of the late Mr. GODWIN wish to thank their many kind friends for messages of sympathy and for the beautiful floral emblems sent.

The funeral arrangements were efficiently carried out by Messrs. W. SLADE & Sons, Gillingham, under the personal supervision of Mr. J. J. W. SLADE.

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<NOTES: Mrs R. FOURACRE (sister) is Lily Jane Gunstone GODWIN daughter of Edwin J. G. GODWIN and Joan Elizabeth JUKES, married Richard FOURACRE

Mr R. FOURACRE is Richard FOURACRE son of Richard FOURACRE and Mary Jane EWENS, married Lily Jane Gunstone GODWIN

Mr. E. FOURACRE is likely to be Edwin Richard FOURACRE son of Richard FOURACRE and Lily Jane Gunstone GODWIN>