The Western Gazette 13 Jul 1934 Fifty Years and Auctioneer Late Mr George Randall GODWIN at All Souls' Farm near Slough includes Mr and Mrs F. FOURACRE

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The Western Gazette North Dorset Edition Friday 13 Jul 1934

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The announcement of the death of Mr. George Randall GODWIN, which took place at the home of his daughter, was received over a wide area of the West Country with feelings of great regret. Mr. GODWIN was taken ill suddenly and successfully underwent an operation but never fully recovered, and passed away three weeks later, at the age of 81, on Friday. In the Gillingham district, where he resided for so many years, Mr. GODWIN's life and character will be especially remembered by all who were associated with him in private or business life.

The late Mr. GODWIN was a son of Mr. Walter GODWIN, and was born on March 6th, 1853, at Manor Farm, East Stour, which had been in the GODWIN family for several generations. He joined his father as an auctioneer in the firm then known as Messrs. Godwin & Son. Upon his father's death he went into partnership with Mr. SENIOR, who died in 1927, thus founding the well-known firm of auctioneers, Messrs. Senior & Godwin, in 1885. He was a Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute, and one of its oldest members, and held 50 consecutive licences, from 1880 to 1930. Some 44 years ago he went to reside at Gillingham, and after four years at Grosvenor Cottage, Ham, he removed to “Rosebank,” Wyke-road, where his wife died just over 20 years ago. He left Gillingham in February, 1932, and went to live with his daughter, Mrs. FOURACRE, at All Souls' Farm, near Slough.


Educated at Jackson's School, Durweston, and Dorchester County School, Mr. GODWIN became a great athlete, and excelled at running, jumping, throwing the cricket ball, Rugby, and cricket. He won many handsome cups and prizes. In his younger days he played cricket for Gillingham for many years and was a keen shot with the sporting gun, and he was also a member of the Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry.

He took little part in public administrative life, but he was a devoted Churchman, and served for several periods as a Churchwarden at St. Mary's Church and as a member of the Parochial Church Council. The flag of St. George, which is flown from the church tower, was one of his gifts to the church. He was one of the founders of the Gillingham Constitutional Club, served on the Committee for many years, and also occupied the position of chairman.

He leaves a son, Mr. Harry GODWIN, who is a partner in the firm of Senior & Goodwin, and a daughter, Mrs F. FOURACRE.

Mr. GODWIN's business activities took him into three counties, especially Dorset, South Wilts, and East Somerset, and while he made a host of friends it can truly be said that he never made an enemy. He was a man for whom everyone had the warmest personal regard, for they recognised in him a rare personality, a man possessed of one of the kindliest of natures and with the unfailing instinct for thinking the best of his fellow men. He was conscientious in all his actions and was seldom moved to an unkind word or hasty act. In his business life his integrity was unquestioned, and altogether he was a man who stood the highest tests of personal friendship and business association.


A short service was held at All Souls' Farm on Tuesday prior to the body being removed to Gillingham for burial. The service at St. Mary's Church, Gillingham, was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. R. E. G. NEWMAN), assisted by the Rev. J. H. A. CHARLES. The choir was present, and Mrs. Edgar SAMWAYS, at the organ, played solemn music by Greig as the congregation assembled. The hymns were “Jesus lives-” and “Abide with me,” and the 23rd Psalm was chanted. As the body was borne from the church the “Nuno Dimittis” was chanted, followed by the playing of “O rest in the Lord” as the funeral procession proceeded to the Cemetery.

The family mourners were Mr. Harry GODWIN (son) and Mr. F. FOURACRE (son-in-law). There was a large body of general mourners.

From the firm of Messrs. Senior & Godwin there were Mr. E. C. INGRAM and Mr. F. W. PRIDAY (members of the firm), Messrs. J. BRISTOW (Gillingham office), H. M. BEALE (Sturminster Newton), A. WOOD (Sherborne), and E. HIBBERD (Wincanton). Mr. E. L. CARTER, of the Blandford office, was prevented from attending by illness. Amongst the general public present were Messrs. W. W. WEDLAKE (vice-chairman) and B. S. ROSE (Gillingham Constitutional Club), Douglas H. BROWN, E. Boswall DOWN, E. J. STICKLAND, Arthur E. LIGHT, A. TUCKER, A. J. BUCKLEY, Arthur HISCOCK, R. J. CLARKE, F. W. DAVIS, T. A. HAYDEN, R. F. STREET, S. COURT, F. G. GREEN, E. GRAY, R. F. H. WHITE, W. H. HONEYFIELD, R. J. BRACHER, E. BERRY, Dr. A. WALKER, D.S.O., T.D., Messrs. F. SHUTE, J. J. NICHOLSON, H. ARNOLD, A. ARNOLD, D. E. SCOVELL?, Dr. W. W. FARNFIELD, Messrs. H. C. WYLD, S. W. H. ROBERTS, W. J. COWARD, W. J. M. MORRISH, J. SWANTON, W. E. SAMWAYS, J. J. B. RUTTER, A. MIDDLETON, H. BUTLER, E. S. YOUNG (Sherborne), B. MITCHELL (Higher Mere Park), A. E. CROCKER (Cucklington), W. J. DOWN (East Stour), J. HINKS (Fifehead Magdalen), W. HINKS (Kington Magna), A. C. SAMPSON (Stourton), H. BURT, H. MILLS, W. H. RAYMOND, and H. W. KENDALL (Kington Magna), G. SANGER (Bainley), W. G. WARREN (Little Kington), H. S. H. FELTHAM (Rodgrove), A. HUNT (Wincanton), S. GIBBS and T. AYLES (Maiden Bradley), J. HANNAM (Nyland), Mrs. H. LODGE, Mrs. AMOR, Miss WILLIAMS, Miss WESTOVER, Mrs. COWLING, Miss COWLING, Sister HART, Mrs. BUTLER, Mrs. M. BROWN, Mrs. TAYLOR, and others.

The large number of beautiful floral tributes included wreaths from the staff of Messrs. Senior & Godwin; the employees of All Souls' Farm; the members of the Parochial Church Council Gillingham; and Messrs. FREAME, LIGHT & WYLD.

The funeral arrangements at Gillingham were carried out by Messrs. W. Slade & Sons, The Square, Gillingham.

Mr. Harry GODWIN and Mrs. FOURACRE wish to thank their many friends for their kind messages of sympathy, and for the beautiful floral emblems

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