The Hereford Times 28 Aug 1910 The DODDERIDGES of Devon by Rev Sidney E. DODDERIDGE St Annes Church Thornbury Hereford and Mr H. G. Hastings SHADDICK

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The Hereford Times Saturday 28 Aug 1909

Page 8 Column 1

THE DODDERIDGES OF DEVON.” - The Rev. Sidney E. DODDERIDGE (Rector of the Church of St. Anne, Thornbury, Hereford), and Mr H. G. Hastings SHADDICK, of Durham University, have together written a most interesting account of “The Dodderidges of Devon: with an account of the Bibliotheca Doddridgiana” (Pollards, Exeter, 10s 6d). There are many illustrations including a coloured portrait of the eminent judge Sir John DODDERIDGE, reproduced by special permission of the Society of Antiquaries. “The Times” in a note on the work says “A carefully compiled account of an ancient family of Devon worthies, with illustrations. The Bibliotheca Doddridgiana was presented to Barnstaple by a nephew of Judge DODDERIDGE in 1664, and is now in the North Devon Athenaeum. The gift is one of the earliest instances of the foundation of free libraries.”

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<NOTES: The Rev. Sidney Edwin DODDERIDGE son of George DODDERIDGE and Anna Sophia WESCOMBE, married Mabel Nellie FROST>