The Central Somerset Gazette 21 Feb 1936 Entangled in Machinery Mr Fleetwood BOOBYER of Stanmoor Bridge Burrowbridge

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The Central Somerset Gazette, and the Western Counties' Advertiser. Friday 21 Feb 1936

Page 8 Column 3


Mr. Fleetwood BOOBYER (34), of Stanmoor Bridge, Burrowbridge, died in the Taunton Hospital early on Friday morning from head injuries sustained in an accident at a Burrowbridge bakery the previous night. It is understood that he was attending to a small engine which drives a charging plant when by some means he became entangled in the machinery. He leaves a widow and young child.

The West Somerset Coroner (Mr. Geoffrey P. CLARKE) on Saturday opened and adjourned the inquest at Taunton until to-day (Friday).

The Coroner remarked: “This is a case where there may be some question of the Inspector of worshops <sic> and factories coming in.”

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<NOTES: Fleetwood BOOBYER son of Morgan Watts BOOBYER and Lily POCOCK, married Mabel Elizabeth MILLER>