The Central Somerset Gazette 13 Aug 1954 Man Drowned Himself Former Patient at Wells Hospital Louis Lloyd BOOBYER of Stanmoor Road Burrowbridge

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The Central Somerset Gazette and the Western Counties Advertiser. Friday 13 Aug 1954

Page 3 Column 4

Man drowned himself

Former patient at Wells Hospital

Her husband had twice visited Taunton with the intention of going into the Tone Vale mental hospital, owing to his depression, but had not had the courage to do so, said the widow, Mrs. Dorothy BOOBYER, at Bridgwater, on Tuesday, when an inquest was held on Louis Lloyd BOOBYER (46), general dealer, of Stanmoor Road, Burrowbridge, whose body was recovered from the River Parrett, at Bridgwater the previous day. He has been missing since July 31st.

A verdict that he died from asphyxia through drowning himself while of disturbed mind was recorded.

Mrs. BOOBYER said that following a car accident in 1940 her husband was treated at Wells Mendip Hospital for three months for a mental breakdown. Since then he had been quite normal until a week before he disappeared. About three weeks before that he bought a lorry for dealing in scrap, but was very disappointed with it as it would not climb.

From then on he seemed to lose interest and get depressed. While working at the R.A.F. camp at Westonzoyland previously, he was upset through the men joking about his having been to an asylum.

A week before he disappeared he complained of stomach pain. Early on Saturday, July 31st, she awoke to find he had gone. He left no note.

Dr. C. E. M. WARE gave the cause of death as asphyxia due to drowning. He said there was a small stab wound below the chest which could have been self-inflicted with a pocket-knife.

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<NOTES: Louis Lloyd BOOBYER son of Morgan Watts BOOBYER and Lily POCOCK, married Dorothy May HILL>