The Chard and Ilminster News 14 Aug 1875 Martock Death by Lightning Ernest PIPE in the Employ of John DIGHT of the Manor Farm inc Son of Samuel LYE East Street Dr GARLAND

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The Chard and Ilminster News and Somerset, Dorset, & Devon Advertiser. Saturday 14 Aug 1875

Page 3 Column 4


DEATH BY LIGHTNING. - On Wednesday a boy named Ernest PIPE, in the employ of Mr John DIGHT, of the Manor Farm, was engaged in keeping birds from the cornfields, and for the purpose carried a small gun, with which he fired small quantities of gunpowder. About five o'clock a son of Mr Samuel LYE, East Street, was with the deceased, but, seeing the storm approaching, went towards some cottages to seek shelter. PIPE ran towards a shed in the adjoining field. When near the middle of the field he was struck by lightning and killed on the spot. The lightning appears to have struck him on the back part of the neck, as his hair was singed and neck burnt, travelled down his back, and escaped through his boots, which were torn to pieces. He was not found until five o'clock the following morning. An inquest was held at the Railway Hotel before Dr GARLAND, deputy coroner, on Saturday morning. Evidence having been given to the above a verdict was returned of Death by Lightning.

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