Chard and Ilminster News 31 Dec 1892 Births Marriages Deaths inc ASH HEBDITCH South Petherton Harry PARKER Chard Sarah PAULL Curry Mallet aged 99 years

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The Chard and Ilminster News and Somerset Dorset, and Devon Advertiser. Saturday 31 Dec 1892

Page 5 Column 6

Births, Marriages, Deaths.


ASH. - Dec. 22, at Yeabridge, South Petherton, the wife of Mr. F. ASH, a daughter.

GAGE. - Dec. 21, at Bath Street, Chard, the wife of Mr. William Alderman GAGE, a son.

HOSKINS. - Nov. 22, at Tudbeer, Chard, the wife of Mr. Sydney HOSKINS, a son.

HODGES. - Dec. 2, at Southchard, Chard, the wife of Mr. John HODGES, a daughter.

HEBDITCH. - Dec 28, at Stratton, South Petherton, the wife of Mr. Joseph HEBDITCH, a son – stillborn.

LEWIS. - Dec. 20, at Stoke Knapp, Beaminster, the wife of Mr. John LEWIS, a son.

LARCOMBE. - Dec 28, at Back Street, Winsham, the wife of Mr. H. LARCOMBE, a son.

PARKER. - Dec. 28, Holyrood Street, Chard, the wife of Mr. Harry PARKER, a daughter.


FOSTER – OSBORNE. - Dec. 26, at the Registry office, Chard, Mr. Frank FOSTER to Miss Louisa OSBORN, both of Crewkerne.

GILBERT – ALFORD. - Dec. 26, at St. Thomas's Church, Woolwich, Charles Triggs GILBERT, to Annie Sarah ALFORD, eldest daughter of Mr. I. ALFORD, Chard.

HUISH – FOOKS. - Dec 26, at the Parish Church of St. Mary's, Chard, by the Rev. Preb. ROBINSON, vicar, Mr. James HUISH, to Miss Mary Ann FOOKS, both of Chard.

MORGAN – DAVEY. - Dec 26, at the Parish Church of St. Mary's Chard, by the Rev. Preb. ROBINSON, vicar, Mr. Harry MORGAN, to Miss Gertrude Louis DAVEY, both of Chard.

PLAYER – BERRY. - Dec. 24, at the Congregational Church, Chard, by the Rev. F. LANSDOWN, Mr. George PLAYER, to Miss Catherine Lucy BERRY, both of Chard.

STONE – PADY. - Dec. 25, at the Independent Chapel, Winsham, by licence, by the Rev James HILL, Mr. Edwin STONE, of Ilchester, to Miss Kate PADY, of Winsham.


BARRETT. - Dec. 17, at Coles's Row, Chard, Mrs. Hannah BARRETT, aged 84.

GREENHAM. - Dec. 26, at Merriott, Samuel, infant son of Mr. Richard GREENHAM, aged 8 months.

HALLETT. - Dec 27, at Knapp, Merriott, Beatrice Ann, infant daughter of Mr. F. W. HALLETT, aged 4 months.

HULBERT. - Dec 24, at the Mermaid Hotel, Yeovil, Frank HULBERT, aged 28.

LAND. - Dec. 23, at the Back Lane, Chard, Mr. Frederick LAND, aged 25.

MORSE. - Dec 25, at Merriott House, Crewkerne, Mr. Arthur Charles MORSE, aged 72.

PAULL. - Dec 22, at Rock Inn, Curry Mallett, Mrs. Sarah PAULL, aged 99 years and 7 months.

PARSONS. - Dec. 29, at Crimchard, Chard, Sarah, widow of Mr. Job. PARSONS, aged 60.

STONE. - Dec 20, at Trinity Square, Axminster, the wife of Mr. Thomas STONE, aged 34.

RENDELL. - Dec. 15, Harvey's Almshouses, Chard, Miss Sarah Ann RENDELL, aged 70.

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<NOTES: Sarah PAUL daughter of John PAUL and Sarah, married James PAUL. All the other records have her as being 100 years old, when she passed away>