Chard and Ilminster News 23 Feb 1895 South Petherton inc Death Lieutenant John Colpoys OMMANEY The Late Mr J. ENGLAND of Shepton Beauchamp and Australia

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The Chard and Ilminster News and Somerset, Dorset, and Devon Advertiser Saturday 23 Feb 1895

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DEATH OF AN OLD AND RESPECTED INHABITANT. - By the death of Lieutenant John Colpoys OMMANEY, retired officer of the Royal Navy, the town has lost another of its oldest inhabitants. The deceased was of a most generous disposition, always ready to subscribe to any good cause, and many of his charitable acts were known only by the giver and those benefited. Medical aid was summoned on Wednesday, and on Friday morning he was found dead in his bedroom, having attained to the ripe age of 86 years.

THE LATE MR. J. ENGLAND. - It may be of interest to many, and certainly will be to those who were personally acquainted with the late Mr. ENGLAND, to know something of his successful career. He was born in the parish of Shepton Beauchamp in the year 1814, and so early was he put to work that the advantages of an ordinary education were denied him. About the year 1835 he emigrated to Australia, landing in Sydney without any means whatever. He commenced working as a shoemaker, but followed it only long enough to place himself in a position to take up one of the stations which at that time were being cheaply sold by the Government of New South Wales. By his perseverance and hard work, accompanied by his keen business abilities, he in a comparatively short number of years acquired a considerable property – literally turning the Australian wild into a well tended farm. He visited his native land in 1854, when he purchased the site of his present house. Returning to Australia, he repeated the process of improving the value of the land, and so increased his wealth. He paid another short visit to England before his final return about the year 1871. He then built the substantial house named after one of his stations in Australia, “Tarampa,” and since then to shortly before his almost sudden death on the 4th of February, he had continually increased the acreage of his possessions, adding field and field and farm and farm, becoming at the time of his death one of the largest landowners in the neighbourhood. The funeral took place on Friday at the South Petherton Cemetery, the Rev. F. A. LEFROY officiating, the attending relatives being Mr. PHELIPS(?), Mr. ASHFORD, and J. DABINETT. The four trustees – Messrs BLAKE (Osborne, I. W.), John TAYLOR (Ilminster), F. H. HOOK (South Petherton), and James TAYLOR (Ilminster), followed the remains of their late friend. Also the following friends of the deceased, Dr. MUNDEN, Messrs R. T. WALTER (solicitor), J. LEAN, W. BOND (Fordingbridge), A. HODGES, W. H. HEBDITCH, J. T. HEBDITCH, and NORTON. A large number of tenantry followed including Messrs Josiah HEBDITCH, E. BAKER, J. WILLY, S. CLARK, SUTTON, A. WHITE, John HARDING, J. WHITE, J. ALLEN, R. ALLEN, and C. PORTER. Floral tributes were sent by – Miss KIRKWOOD, cross, “In loving memory”; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. HOOKE, cross, “With deep sympathy”; Miss CLARK, wreath, “In affectionate memory”; Mr. and Mrs. FISH, wreath, “A tribute of esteem”; servants, Jane and Coraline, wreath, “In affectionate regret.” Mr. BRYANT, of Ilminster, was the undertaker, Mr. J. WILLY, of South Petherton, providing the handsome oak coffin.

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