Langport and Somerton Herald 15 Sep 1934 Burrowbridge St Michael's Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service inc LOVIBOND JONES KEIRLE BETTY HECTOR HURD POCOCK BOOBYER etc

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Langport and Somerton Herald. Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Martock, and South Petherton News, and Western Counties' Advertiser. Saturday 15 Sep 1934

Page 5 Column 1


ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH. - The harvest thanksgiving service was held on Thursday evening of last week and thanksgivings were also offered at the Sunday services. The Rev. E. S. C. LOCK, Vicar of West Pennard and Rural Dean of Glastonbury, preached on Thursday, and on Sunday evening he service was sung and the sermon preached by the Rev. G. H. PRICKARD, Rector of Cossington, Mr. LOVIBOND and Mr. JONES acting as servers, and the former reading the Lessons. The duties at the organ were shared by Miss LOVIBOND and Miss F. KEIRLE. A choice supply of fruit, flowers, and other gifts was brought to the church by a large number of parishioners, and was most effectively used by the church decorators to symbolise the harvest. These gifts were on behalf of the Bridgwater Hospital, and the collections were divided between the two Hospitals Bridgwater and Taunton which serve the parish. The following were the contributors of gifts from the garden and other kinds:- Messrs. H. BETTY, H. HECTOR, G. HURD, R. POCOCK, E. POCOCK, L. BOOBYER, E. KIDDLE, Harold HECTOR, W. PALMER, S. WINCHESTER, S. BAWDEN, R. CARNELL, S. GILLARD, R. HEMBROW, T. S. BELL, R. COATE, C. STOREY, the Misses H. KEIRLE, F. KEIRLE, Mrs. BARRINGTON, Miss BOWEN, Mrs. C. MILLER, Miss LOVIBOND, Mrs. KNIGHT, Mrs. D. BELL, Miss BAWDEN, Mrs. F. CHAMPION, Miss SHERRIN, Miss P. BELL, Mrs. F. HEMBROW, Mrs. H. GILLARD, Mrs. H. MEADE, Mrs. H. BOOBYER, Mrs. G. BOOBYER, Mrs. C. DARE, Mrs. C. PINE, Mrs. J. CARPENTER, Mrs. E. BOOBYER, Mrs. L. BELL, Mrs. W. CHAMPION, Mrs. DAVIES, Mrs. MUSGROVE, Mrs. C. BOOBYER, Mrs. WOODLAND, Miss CARNELL and Mrs. DYER.

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