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Langport and Somerton Herald. Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgwater, Martock, and South Petherton News, and Western Counties' Advertiser. Saturday 06 Apr 1935

Page 3 Column 5





At the Bridgwater County Police Court on Thursday of last week, before Mr. H. T. DANIEL and other Magistrates, William James WOODLAND, labourer, of the King Alfred Hotel, Burrowbridge, was summoned for using a motor cycle which was causing an excessive noise as the result of the lack of repair. - He pleaded “Not guilty.”

P.C. GREED said on Friday, the 8th March, at about 10 p.m., he was on duty by Dunwear cross-roads, Bridgwater Without, when he heard a motor cycle coming towards him in the direction of Bridgwater. It was making an excessive noise. Witness spoke to defendant, and asked him why the machine was making such a noise, and he replied, “She is making such a noise because the clutch wire is broken and jamming on the driving chain.” He further explained that this happened the previous evening, when he ran[?] into some horses which were straying.

Defendant, who it was stated was liable to a fine of £20, was ordered to pay 5s.




Over one hundred people attended the concert given in the Schoolroom of the Baptist Church, on Thursday of last week, by the Glastonbury Male Voice Choir. The part songs were particularly well rendered as were a number of individual items by Messrs. J. BAWDEN and L. TRIM and Mrs. BAWDEN.

The solos by the youngest member of the party, Miss M. YALBOT gained well earned applause. The programme also included an instrumental quartette.

Refreshments were on sale during an interval, these being under the capable management of Mrs. T. S. BELL, assisted by Miss P. BELL, Miss GILLARD, Miss TUTTON and Mrs. Leigh WALLER.

At the conclusion of the programme the Rev. Leigh WALLER, B.A., thanked the choir for their generous help and for their capital concert. The conductor responded. The concert was in aid of the church funds, which will benefit to the extent of £5 5s. as a result.






Deepest sympathy is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Harold MEADE of the King's Head, Athelney, in their recent bereavement, though the death of their infant daughter, Mary, at the age of one year and eight months.

The funeral took place at Burrowbridge on Thursday of last week, the vicar (the Rev. T H. RICHARDS) officiating. The principal mourners attending were:- Mr. and Mrs. MEADE (father and mother); Mr. H. O. WHITING (grandfather); Mr. and Mrs. C. THRESHER (grandfather and grandmother); Master Ronald MEADE (brother); Miss S. KEIRLE and Mr. G CHAMPION. A number of sympathisers also attended. The bearers were Messrs. V. VICKERY, A. CHAMPION, W. KEIRLE and H. CROSSMAN.

Beautiful floral tributes were sent from the following:- To our dear little Mary, from daddy, mammy, “monny,” and gramp.; To dear little Mary, from granny and grandpa THRESHER; from Uncle Len and Auntie Agnes and Robert; from Auntie Nell; Auntie Charlotte, Minnie, Alice and Fannie; Uncle Will and Auntie Mabel, Penarth; Mr. and Mrs. MILLAR and Gertie, Mansion House; Mr. and Mrs. W. PALMER, Arleigh, and Rosalind; Sid. and Mary; Joan GILLARD, John PARISH and Ray HEMBROW; From Corbett; Mr. and Mrs. H. BOOBYER, Griggs Hill; Auntie Jane, Drayton; Mr. and Mrs. E. CROSSMAN and Ethel; Phyllis and Mrs. B. CHAMPION; Joy; Mr. and Mrs. W. WINCHESTER; Mr. and Mrs. H. CROSSMAN; Miss BOWEN; All at Saltmoor Engine House; C. and S. GILLARD and family; Mr. and Mrs. KEIRLE and Bill; Mr. and Mrs. Sturton BETTY; Lily, Ivy and Eileen; Mr. and Mrs. E. G. TOTTLE; E. T. HOUSE, Bridgwater; K. G. and W. J. LAVIS; Allan and Bessie. A donation received from Miss D. U. M. CHADWICK for the “In Memoriam” Mary Meade Babies' Castle Fund, Dr. Barnardo's.

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<NOTES: Mary MEADE daughter of Harold Henry MEADE and Norah Frances WHITING>