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The Somerset County Gazette, Bristol Express, and Devonshire News. Saturday 22 Dec 1877

Page 12 Column 2


At Broadway, near this town, there is a widow woman who attained the great age of 101 years on Saturday. Her name is Ann KEITCH, and she is in full possession of all her faculties.

PETTY SESSIONS, Wednesday. - (Before Col. HOSKINS and Mr. SPEKE).

CHARGE OF LARCENY. - Sarah WYATT, of North Curry, was charged with stealing a pair of boots, value 5s. 3d., the property of John PAULL, shopkeeper, on June 2nd at Curry Mallet. - Emma PAULL, wife of John PAULL said she kept a shop, and amongst other things, she sold boots, which were hung on a rack. The prisoner did gloving work for her, and came to her shop very often. In the middle or latter part of May she missed a pair of girl's boots, and those produced by P.C. ROWEN were hers. She identified them by her own mark of 5s. 3d. She had never sold the prisoner a pair of boots, but she had sold boots of the same kind to other people. - Mr. Van TRUMP, pawnbroker, of Taunton, said he knew the prisoner, and was a witness against her about six weeks ago. He could not swear that she pledged the boots, but a person who called herself WYATT pledged them. Being new ones he suspected they were stolen, and handed them to Supt. GOLDSMITH, at Taunton, who took them to all the boot sellers in Taunton, but they were not identified. They were pledged for 2s. 6d. - P.C. ROUEN said he got the boots from Mr. Van TRUMP's on the 8th of this month, and charged the prisoner with stealing them. - A.S. JENNINGS proved finding three pawntickets in the prisoner's house on Wednesday, November 14th. The prisoner was in custody when he found them. - Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment.

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<NOTES: John PAULL is probably John PAUL son of Elizabeth PAUL, married Emma DOLLEN

Emma PAULL is probably Emma DOLLEN daughter of John DOLLEN and Nancy or Ann House PAUL, married John PAUL>