Somerset County Herald 26 Oct 1878 Sudden Death in a Church at Angersleigh Mr BRADDICK of Budleigh

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Somerset County Gazette, Bristol Express, and Devonshire News Saturday 26 Oct 1878

Page 10 Column 1

SUDDEN DEATH IN A CHURCH. - On Sunday a sad occurrence took place at Angersleigh, near Taunton. Mr. BRADDICK, a farmer, who lives at Budleigh, about two miles from Angersleigh, entered the church a few minutes after afternoon service had commenced, and had evidently been hurrying to be in time. He had no sooner taken his seat than, to the consternation of the congregation, he fell forward apparently in a fit. The Rev. Fred. SMITH, of Taunton, who was conducting the service, at once left the reading-desk and aided in conveying Mr. BRADDICK to the vestry. Mr. ISLES, of Taunton, was immediately sent for, but on his arrival he found that Mr. BRADDICK was quite dead, death having evidently resulted from apoplexy. The sad event caused great excitement in the church, and several ladies fainted. The service was not resumed. Mr BRADDICK had not previously shown any symptoms of serious illness. He had been over his farm in the morning, and appeared in his usual health. He partook of a hearty dinner, and no doubt his sad end was in some degree attributable to his hurrying, after a hearty meal, to be in time for Divine service.

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