Somerset County Herald 03 Oct 1936 Late James Frederick SLADE of Burton Pynsent Farm Curry Rivel Burial at Isle Abbotts Baptist Chapel Married Miss Susie COSSINS in 1895

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 03 Oct 1936

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Mr. James Frederick SLADE, of Burton Pynsent Farm, Curry Rivel, one of the best-known agriculturists in this part of the country, and a member of the Langport Rural District Council, with service spreading over 40 years, died on Thursday, following an operation.

Son of the late Edwin and Emily SLADE, James Frederick SLADE was born at Henley on August 31st, 1861. He was educated at the old Langport Grammar School under the headmastership of the late Rev. Joseph STUBBS, M.A. Later, his parents moved to Walrond's Park, Isle Brewers, and Mr. SLADE subsequently succeeded his father in the management of this farm. In 1895, he married Miss Susie COSSINS, only daughter of Samuel and Susan COSSINS, of Charlton Adam. He purchased Burton Pynsent Farm in 1909, and farmed there most successfully until his death. He was a valued member of the Langport branch of the National Farmers' Union.

An excellent farmer of the old school, as a young man, Mr. SLADE won the silver watch for ploughing at the High Ham ploughing matches, and in recent years was in great demand as a judge of ploughing, both at High Ham and Somerton and District ploughing matches. Mr. SLADE was also well known as an exhibitor of fat stock at the Langport Fat Stock Shows, where he had succeeded in winning champion and other prizes over a number of years.


Genuinely public-spirited, in 1931 he succeeded Mr. A. C. WILLY in representing the Curry Rivel Division on the Somerset County Council. He was one of the members with the longest service on the Langport Rural District Council. In 1895 he was elected a representative for Isle Brewers, which parish he represented until 1910. After a break of a few years during the war he returned to the Council in 1919 as a member for Curry Rivel. He was Chairman of the Works and Water Supplies Committee for some time. He had also been a member of the old Board of Guardians. Mr. SLADE also did valuable work as a member of the Somerset Rivers Catchment Board. He served on the Curry Rivel Parish Council for many years, and was Chairman at the time of his death. Mr. SLADE regularly attended the Baptist Chapel at Isle Abbotts, where he was senior deacon, treasurer, and church secretary. A man of kindly and likeable personality, he was marked by natural courtesy and a high sense of integrity in his dealings with his fellow men, and was earnest and self-sacrificing in his service to his generation. His death at the age of 75, has occasioned sincere regret. He leaves a widow and one son, who has been associated with him in business.



Church members, representative of local public bodies and of the farming community comprised the large congregation at the funeral service in Isle Abbots Baptist Church on Monday afternoon. It was conducted by the Minister, the Rev. S. R. WARD, assisted by Mr. T. S. PENNY, Taunton. Mrs. Arthur SLADE (daughter-in-law) was the organist. She played appropriate music and accompanied the singing of the hymn “Eternal Love.”

In a tribute to Mr. SLADE's life the Minister referred to his associations with agriculture. “Such men,” he said, “are an indispensable boon to any country, for they extract the wealth from the land – the foundation of national prosperity. Mr. SLADE was not allowed to remain in the quiet seclusion of his fiends and home. Early he was drawn into the limelight of public service, serving on parish councils, 32 years on the district council, chairman of various committees, and, during the last five years, honoured with a seat on the County Council. Our district owes a great debt of gratitude to such public-spirited men, who, in their own locality, are the backbone of our national life.” Mr. SLADE's home, he said, was essentially a Christian home, reminding one of the old Puritan homes of England, tempered and mellowed through the course of the years. He also loved his church. He was a member at Isle Abbots for 43 years, serving as deacon, secretary and treasurer, and he was recently honoured by being elected a life deacon. Reliability characterised his Church associations, faithful in attendance at public worship, keenly interested in the welfare of the Church, generous in financial support and wise in counsel.

The grave in the chapel ground was lined with flowers and evergreens.


The principal mourners were Mrs. SLADE (widow), Mr. Arthur SLADE (son), Mr. and Mrs. Baxter BAKER, Beercrocombe (brother-in-law and sister), Mrs. THICKS, High Wycombe (sister), Mrs. Sidney SLADE, Curry Mallet (sister-in-law), Mr. H. CHISLETT, Frome (brother-in-law), Mrs. T. HUNTER, Match <sic> Beauchamp (niece), Mr. HUNTER, Mr. Sidney DIBBLE, Beercrocombe (nephews), and Mrs. DIBBLE, the Rev. S. H. WILKINSON, Bristol (cousin), Mr. James BAKER, London, and Mr. F. PRATT, Tiverton (cousins), Mr. W. A. SLADE, Beercrocombe, and Mr. T. C. SLADE, Curry Mallet (nephews).

Mr. J. G. VAUX, South Petherton, and Mr. E. BOOBYER, Stoke St. Gregory, represented Somerset County Council.

Langport Rural District Council was represented by Mr. T. G. COGGAN, Somerton (chairman), Mr. J. LANG, Curry Rivel (vice-chairman), Messrs. T. H. JEANES (Aller), J. A. BARTLETT (Babcary), A. PARTRIDGE (Barton St. David), W. ROWSELL (Beercrocombe), W. F. P. PITMAN (Charlton Mackrell), J. CHURCHILL (Curry Mallet), A. H. RAVEN (Drayton), W. A. K. MATTERSON (Fivehead), T. C. LLOYD (High Ham), A. J. and W. J. CULLEN (Huish Episcopi), J. C. STEELE (Isle Abbots), T. J. C. JEFFERY (Isle Brewers), A. NORRIS and F. FURBER (Kingsbury Episcopi), W. ROLFE (Langport) F. J. WILLY (Muchelney), and W. G. F. GARLAND (Somerton), Mr. Edward Q. LOUCH (clerk), Mr. F. C. P. AVIS (assistant clerk), Mr. SANDERS (surveyor), Mr. A. FORD (sanitary inspector), and Mr. H. J. DENMAN (Rating Officer).

Curry Rivel Parish Council was represented by Messrs. R. CALDER, P. H. KNOWLES, and W. THURLOW (clerk); Fivehead Parish Council by Messrs. E. KEMP, F. YARDE, H. CHEDZOY, and H. MALE.


Others present included Capt. C. A. K. MATTERSON (Fivehead), Mr. and Mrs. S. COSSINS (Somerton), Mr. A. B. L. PEARSE (Watchet, representing the Western Baptists' Associations), the Rev. Henry WYATT (North Curry), Miss Ruth HEBDITCH and Mrs. A. C. WILLY (South Petherton), Mr. T. B. OTHEN (Taunton), Mr. J. LANG, junr., Mr. J. CROCKER (deacon), Mr. J. STARKE (North Curry), Mr. W. H. HEBDITCH (South Petherton), Mrs. S. R. WARD, Mr. G. DARE (Ilton), Mr. and Mrs. J. SUMMERHAYES (Norton Fitzwarren), Mr. W. J. MARKS (Hatch Beauchamp), the Rev. A. CORLEY (Curry Rivel), Mr. F. H. D. HUNT and Dr. J. GLOVER (Curry Rivel), Mrs. Hugh MALE (Fivehead), Mr. L. SALWAY and Mr. H. CHEDZOY (deacons of Fivehead Chapel), Mr. R. B. TAYLOR (Yeovil).

Messrs. J. L. CORNISH, W. CALDER, W. R. RICHARDS, Mr. T. NICHOLLS, and A. W. ARMSTRONG (Langport), Messrs. A. C. HEMBROW, A. D. BELLRINGER, B. B. GUY, H. HOSKINS, C. J. CALDER, and H. BURROUGH, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. DARE (Crewkerne), Mr. F. TAYLOR (Yeovil), Mr. E. J. TAYLOR (Montacute), Mr. and Mrs. W. J. DARE (Ile Brewers), Mr. and Mrs. J. A. WILLY, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. H. LUXTON (Nynehead), Messrs. B. VICKERY, F. BAULCH, E. J. LOCK, W. WEAVER, F. MEAR, G. MATTRAVERS, and J. M. GLIDE (Curry Rivel), Mr. and Mrs. HUNTER, Messrs. R. J. RALLS and J. A. BURROUGH (Hatch Beauchamp), Messrs. J. SALWAY and G. WELCH (of Hambridge, former employees), Mr. F. E. HURFORD (North Curry).

Messrs. G. K. DRAKE, W. J. CLARKE, J. HUMPHREY, L. ADAMS, and J. PRING (Isle Abbots), Messrs. W. S. BICKNELL, J. H. COLMAN, R. C. GRABHAM (Stoke St. Mary), A. E. GLIDE (Curry Mallet), C. M. HALLETT (Ile Brewers), B. PREW, A. S. STODGELL (Ile Brewers), G. GRABHAM, C. T. MALE (Kingsbury Episcopi), A. MANSFIELD (Langport), J. BRISTER (Drayton), S. R. DARBY (Puckington), T. GOODING (Hambridge), W. ADAMS (Langport), P. WINDSOR (High Ham), S. TAPP, Tolland, G. LOCK (Taunton), F. DENBY (Ilton), J. LIMM (Swell), C. J. WILLIAMS, A. WILCOX, G. R. WILCOX (West Hatch), J. DOLLING (High

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Ham), P. J. REED (Long Sutton), Mrs. C. BAULCH (Curry Mallet), Miss WILLMINGTON (Curry Mallet), Mrs. John ADAMS, Miss E. B. TAYLOR and Mrs. Bradley SMITH (Yeovil), Miss L. CHORLEY, Miss W. ADAMS, Mrs. Howard ADAMS, Mrs. H. TAYLOR (Curry Mallet), Mrs. B. MICO (Curry Mallet), Mrs. A. CLARKE (Isle Abbots), Miss E. OSMOND (Curry Rivel), Mrs. H. RICHARDS (Curry Rivel), Miss PERRIN, Mrs. J. CROCKER, Miss WILLMINGTON, Mrs. A. NORRIS, Mrs. G. DERRICK, Mrs. W. CALLEN, Mrs. E. CROCKER, Miss L. DARE (Ilton), and Mrs. John ADAMS.

Many beautiful flowers were received, including tributes with the following inscriptions:- From the Langport Rural District Council, with deepest sympathy; With deepest sympathy, from the Curry Rivel and District Agricultural Association With deepest sympathy, from the Chairman and Committee of the Langport Christmas Fat Stock Show; From the Committee of the High Ham Agricultural Association, with deepest sympathy; With heartfelt sympathy, from the employees at Burton Farm.

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<NOTES: James Frederick SLADE son of Edwin SLADE and Emily Susan TAYLOR, married Susie COSSINS

Susie COSSINS daughter of Samuel COSSINS and Susan BAKER, married James Frederick SLADE>