Somerset County Herald 21 Nov 1936 Holcombe Rogus Accident Victims Funeral Walter John Thomas HOWE includes FOURACRE

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Somerset County Herald Saturday 21 Nov 1936

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The funeral of Walter John Thomas HOWE (14), or <sic> Brier's, Tracebridge, whose tragic death at the Tracebridge slate quarries was reported in our last issue, took place at Holcombe Rogus Church on Sunday afternoon. The service was conducted by the Rev. E. J. BARTON, vicar.

The mourners were Mr. E. HOWE (father), Misses Annie, Lily and Doris HOWE (sisters), Mr. and Mrs. H. J. HOWE, Greenham, Mr. and Mrs. Fred HOWE, Mr. and Mrs. G. FOURACRE, Appleby, Mr. and Mrs. G. DATE, Halberton; Mr. and Mrs. B. DATE, Uplowman; Mrs. KNIGHT, Witheridge, Mrs. T. RIDGWAY, Clayhanger; Mrs. TARR (uncles and aunts), Mr. L. KNIGHT, Witheridge; Mr. William FOURACRE and Miss Joyce FOURACRE, Appley (cousins); Mr. B. SAUNDERS (friend). Mrs. E. HOWE (mother) was unable to attend through indisposition.

Others present at the church and graveside included Messrs. E. BRICE, J. HAYWARD, W. J. KEATES, A. WESTERN, T. J. BRICE, J. PERRY, E. H. DAVEY, S. BRISTOW, S. MOON, L. ALDERMAN, Jack BRISTOW, E. LEWES (employees at the Tracebridge Quarries), Mr. G. PASSMORE (superintendent), Mr. R. W. J. NORTH (secretary), Miss C. PASSMORE (representing the Appley Cross Sunday School), Mrs. E. LEWES (president), Mrs. J. BRISTOW (vice-president), Mrs. F. SCADDING (secretary), representing the Appleby Cross Women's Social Hour; Mr. J. PRITCHARD (churchwarden, Stawley Church) Mrs. J. HOOPER (Greenham), Mr. H. REDWOOD, Miss REDWOOD (Staple Cross), Mr. Jim BRISTOW, Mr. W. NEEDS, Mr. W. ELSON (Torquay), Nurse DAVMAN, Mrs. GOVIER (Greenham), Mr. J. BRISTOW, senior, Mr. W. PRESCOTT, Mr. and Mrs. C. ENTICOTT, Miss L. BERRY, Miss B. TOOZE, Mrs. POTTER, Mrs. RIDGWAY and others.

The bearers were four employees at the quarry. Messrs. J. ALDERMAN, F. TARR, S. TAYLOR and C. ENTICOTT.

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