Somerset County Herald 06 Feb 1937 Ile Abbotts Funeral of Mrs Mary Ann CROCKER of Woodlands Widow of Job CROCKER inc PRIDDLE BAULCH ADAMS

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 06 Feb 1937

Page 10 Column 7




The news of the death of Mrs. Mary Ann CROCKER, of “Woodlands,” on Thursday, occasioned much regret in the district. She was the widow of Mr. Job CROCKER, who died two years' ago. Aged 74, Mrs. CROCKER was for 35 years a Sunday School teacher at Ile Abbotts Baptist Church.

At the funeral service at the Baptist Church the Rev. S. R. WARD paid tribute to her disposition and happy family life. Mrs. J. F. SLADE was the organist.

The chief mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. J. CROCKER (son and daughter-in-law), Mr. Geo. PRIDDLE (brother), Mrs. E. CROCKER, Mrs. Charles CROCKER, Wales (sister-in-law), Doris and Gordon (nephew and niece), Mr. and Mrs. H. CROCKER (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. BAULCH, Curry Mallet (brother-in-law and sister), Mrs. A. ADAMS, Mrs. and Miss DERRICK (nieces).

Among the large number of smpathisers <sic> present were:- Mr. J. and Miss HUMPHREY, Miss PERRIN, Mr. BICKNELL, Mr. HAYMAN, Mr. and Mrs. T. FORD, Mrs. PLENTY, Mr. and Mrs. H. CHORLEY, Miss LANE, Mr. and Mrs. W. DARE, Mr. L. SALWAY, Mrs. HAVARD, Chedzoy, Mrs. A. CLARKE, Miss K DERRICK, Miss COUSINS, Mrs. A. SLADE, Mr HILL Mrs. WARD, Mrs TAYLOR, Mr. H. ADAMS (employee), Mr. A. BIDDECOMBE, Mrs. WADE, and Mr. SANDY.

The bearers were Messrs. Albert ADAMS, Clifford DARE, Tom DERRICK, and Willie CLARKE

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<NOTES: Mary Ann CROCKER was Mary Ann PRIDDLE daughter of George PRIDDLE and Charlotte POWELL married Job CROCKER

Job CROCKER son of Joseph CROCKER and Jane ADAMS, married Mary Ann PRIDDLE>