Somerset County Herald 17 Jul 1937 Late William John SMALL Wick Farm Langport Service and Interment Curry Rivel Parish Church BURROUGH HAWKES HEMBROW BARLING GENT

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 17 Jul 1937

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There was a large attendance of agriculturists and others at the funeral of Mr. William John SMALL, of Wick Farm, Langport, on Friday of last week. A service was held at the Curry Rivel Parish Church, conducted by the Vicar (Rev. J. H. T. MAUDE-ROXBY), and the interment was made in the Cemetery.

The principal mourners were Mrs. SMALL (widow), Mrs. F. W. BURROUGH (sister-in-law), Mrs. C. HAWKES (sister-in-law), Mr. A. C. HEMBROW (brother-in-law), Mr. M. W. BURROUGH, Bridport (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. R. F. BURROUGH, Weston-super-Mare (nephew and niece), Mr. and Mrs. H. H. BURROUGH, Oath (nephew and niece), Miss BURROUGH, Weston-super-Mare (niece), Mr. T. HEMBROW, Portfield (nephew), Miss E. HEMBROW, Wick (niece), Miss M. BARLING (niece), Mr. C. S. HAWKES (nephew), Mrs. Frank GENT (aunt), Messrs. Frank and Thomas GENT Pylle (cousins), Mr. F. M. SMALL, Thornfalcon (cousin), Mr. R. E. CALDER (friend), Employees who attended were Messrs. H. MARTIN and H. SHARMAN and Master D. MARTIN.


The general attendance included Messrs. R. B. TAYLOR (Yeovil), R. G. EVELEIGH (Milverton), A. DOBLE (Hemyock), T. H. JEANES and J. DUDRIDGE (Aller), C. COSSINS (Oake), J. COSSINS (Pitminster), Mrs. PIM-KEIRLE, Messrs. W. and R. C. CALDER and M. CHIDLEY (Wick), W. R. RICHARDS, W. CALDER, F. MIDDLETON, C. J. CALDER, J. G. WARD, G. R. JEANES, H. T. BROWN, M. JONES, W. P. HANCOCK, G. ADAMS, A. D. BELLRINGER and C. SHIRE (Langport), F. DYER (Bridgwater), F. H. D. HUNT, W. D. HUNT, A. C. SLADE, J. LANG, W. THURLOW, J. G. LOVELL, F. H. LOCOCK, C. HECTOR, E. J. LOCK, J. EAMES, W. WEAVER, H. J. SMALL, H. SUMMERHAYES, and E. HOUSE (Curry Rivel), T. and R. BRUNT (Fivehead), J. A. G. WILLY, E. L. MEAD, and W. KERSLAKE (Drayton), F. DYER (Portfield), H. SNOOK (Stogursey), E. G. DOWN, T. S. and L. A. HEK (Meare), F. J. WILLY and T. R. PERRETT (Thorney), F. H. SMALL, E. J. and J. DINHAM (Long Sutton), T. A. SHERRIN (Kingweston), F. KEEVIL (Low Ham), B. HECTOR (Stathe), E. LOCKYER and H. WILLIAMS (Bere), Mr. and Mrs. John TALBOT and Mr. C. MALE (Kingsbury Episcopi), Messrs. F. POPE, J. PETTY, A. HIGGINS, E. J. and C. COX and S. MEAKER (Pitney), W. GENT (Muchelney), D. VEARNCOMBE (Shapwick), H. and H. R. WOODLAND (Hambridge), Mr. and Mrs. T. LOCKYER (Hambridge), Mr. George FRANCIS (a former employee), Mrs. Frank MILLER (Fivehead), Mrs. William LOCKE, Mr. H. NORMAN (Westport), Mrs. Walter LOCKE, Mr. E. J. MATTRAVERS, Miss B. MATTRAVERS, Mrs. R. BOOBYER, and Mrs. A. HARWOOD.

The coffin was of unpolished oak, with brass fittings, and was supplied by Mr. W. C. STACEY (Curry Rivel), who carried out the funeral arrangements. The breastplate was inscribed:- “William John Small, passed away July 6th, 1937, aged 66 years.”

Messrs. Jack, Jim, and Frank CHORLEY, H. PERRY, J. H. SLIGO, and B. GILL were the bearers.


There was a profusion of beautiful floral tributes, including tokens from the following:- With all my love, Win, “Only goodnight, beloved, not farewell”; Nellie, Albert, Kathleen and Edith; Pollie and Dolly BURROUGH (Wood Spring Priory); Blanche, Charles, and the boys; Christine, Maurice, and Graham (Bridport); Dick and Norah (Woodspring Priory), Tom and Beth.; Harold and Amy; Molly and Trish; Harold and Bert; Aunt, Frank and Tom GENT; Dolly; Violet; Bett and Edgar, Charley and Norah (Queen Camel); Harry; Mrs. F. L. HUNT and family; Mr. and Mrs. R. E. CALDER and family; Mrs. C. P. KEIRLE, Victor and Hazel; Maurice and Eve CHIDLEY; T. J. LOCK and Son; Mr. and Mrs. EVELEIGH; G. BOLTON; J. and H. TALBOT (Thorney); Mr. and Mrs. WEAVER; Osmond Bros.; May; From his faithful dog, Jack; Joe HOOPER and Bert ELLIOTT; E. G. DOWN and family; S. J. Adams & Son; Mr. and Mrs. DYER (Portfield); Mr. and Marcus GRANT; Mr. and Mrs. DINHAM and family.

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