Somerset County Herald 17 Jul 1937 Trull Funeral of Mrs Mary Jane PAYNE of Dipford Cottage Trull includes FOURACRE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 17 Jul 1937

Page 11 Column 4


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Much sympathy has been expressed with Mr. S. PAYNE, gardener to Mr. A. E. NEWTON, of Dipford Cottage, Trull, in the sad death of his wife, Mrs. Mary Jane PAYNE. She passed away suddenly on the 6th inst., at the age of 66.

Mrs. PAYNE attended to her household duties and walked about the garden, gathering flowers during the morning. When preparing the dinner she was taken ill. Medical aid was at once summoned, and a doctor arrived just as she passed away. The facts were reported to the Coroner, but, following an examination by Dr. Godfrey CARTER, the pathologist, an inquest was not necessary.

Of a quiet and genial disposition, Mrs. PAYNE was held in high esteem. She had lived at Dipford Cottage for more than 23 years, and for many years was a member of the Trull branch of the Mothers' Union. She leaves a family of two sons and one daughter.


The funeral took place at Trull on Saturday afternoon, and was attended by a large gathering of mourners. The Vicar (Rev. M. L. WINTERTON) officiated. Mrs. PAYNE's favourite hymns, “Sun of my soul,” was sung, Mr. M. COLLARD being at the organ. The mourners were Mr. S. PAYNE (husband), Mrs S. FOURACRE (daughter), Mr. W. PAYNE and Mr. A. PAYNE (sons), Mrs. W. PAYNE (daughter-in-law), Mr. S. FOURACRE (son-in-law), ad Mr. G. DABINETT (friend).

Others present, many being members of the Trull branch of the Mothers' Union, included Mrs. COPLESTON, Miss HICKLEY, Miss E. HICKLEY, Mrs. SADLER, Mrs. BADCOCK, Mrs. T. HARRIS, Miss H. DOBLE, Miss GREGORY, Mrs. LOWE, Mrs. GOVIER, Mrs. HUNT, Mrs. PYKE, Mrs. W. COLLARD, Mrs. OAKE, Mrs. COBBIN, Mrs. COOKSLEY, Mrs. MOCKRIDGE, Mrs. LOCK, Mrs. L. COLLARD, Mrs. CHAPPELL, Mrs. WOOD, Mrs. NORMAN, Mrs. H. MELHUISH, Mrs. F. TRUMP, Mrs. CHILCOTT, Mrs. FOURACRE, Mrs. STONE, Mr. A. E. NEWTON, Mr. W. OAKE, and Mr. W. COLLARD.

Many beautiful floral tokens were received.

Mr. R. J. DOBLE (Trull) carried out the funeral arrangements.

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