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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 18 Sep 1937

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Members of the Men's Section of the Taunton Voluntary Ambulance Detachment of the British Red Cross Society held a successful fun fair and fete in the National 'Bus Garage, East Reach, on Saturday afternoon and raised the sum of £91. It is estimated that the expenses will be about £20.

The effort was in aid of the men's ambulance fund. There was a large attendance and the stalls and side-shows were well patronised.

Following the fete a dance was held in the out-patients' department of the hospital, by kind permission of the Matron. A large number attended and music was supplied by Percy WHITE and his Louvaine Dance Orchestra. The dance was organised by the hospital staff.


The fete was organised under the supervision of Mr. A. J. WALTON, the commandant, with Mr. Clifford S. ROSEWARNE as the hon. secretary. The Committee consisted of Messrs L. HILL, C. AMOR, R. COLEMAN, H. PRING, D. HAWKINS, G. JACOBS, and E. BEASLEY.


The takings of the various stalls, competitions &c., were:- Woollen goods, £4 10s 2d; china, 15s; provisions, £5 3s 1d; vegetables, £2 4s; fruit, £1 7s; ice-cream, £1 3s 2d; jumble, £6 18s; cake competion, £1 1s; fortune-telling and doll competition, £1 10s.

Side-shows including:- Skittles, £7 4s 2d; darts, £10 4s 7d; coconuts, £3 8s 1d; shooting gallery, £3 11s 2s; hoop-la, £8 11s 1d; shove-penny, £2 7s 5d; tea, plus 55 free teas for workers, 7s 2d; bar, £5 7s 4d; nurses' dance, £6 17s 6d; subscriptions, £3 12s; total £91 0s 4d.

Competition winners were:- Cake, Mrs. or Miss N. HUNT, West Hatch. Mr. F. SERIC, East Reach, Taunton, very kindly offered a doll for further competition. On the second occasion it was won by Mrs. RICHARDS. Mrs. RICHARDS gave no address; perhaps she will write to the Ambulance Station. Skittling:- Ladies – Mrs. MALE, Mrs. BLACKMORE, Mrs. HAYES. Gentlemen – Mr. C. STRICKLAND, Mr T. PATEN, Mr. F. GROVES.


Side-shows were in charge of the following:- Hoop-la, Mr. R. PARSONS and Mr. F. BAKER; competition, Mr. A. E. POOK; darts, Mr. G. JACOBS, Mr. F. BAILEY, and Mr. H. OATEN; competition, Mrs. OATEN and Miss YARDE; shooting, Mr. V. BAILEY; competitions, Mr. L. CHURCHILL, Mr. A. J. POOK, and Mr. W. SADDLER; hoop-la, Mr. G. ROSEWARNE, Mr. R. COLEMAN, and Mr. L. JOHNSON; competitions, Mr. T. PARROTT, Mr. A. DAWE, and Mr. A. J. PILGRIM; coconuts, Mr. J. COMER.

The skittles competition was run by Messrs. PARSONS, RAYSON, and J. HUXTABLE, Miss Diana LORDEN and Miss J. E. CHAMBERS conducted a doll competition.

Other stalls were:- Produce, Miss SQUIRES, Miss HAWKINS, Miss O. TRASK, and Miss M. BICKNELL; fruit, Mrs. A. J. WALTON and Mrs. POPE; ice-cream, Miss B. ROSEWARNE; provisions, Mrs. MAPLEDORAM and Mrs. DAWE; embroidery and woollens, Miss GARDINER and Miss CLODE; china, Miss BURT.

The following had charge of a rummage sale, which attracted many purchasers:- Mrs. L. HILL, Mrs. SILLETT, Miss LAWRENCE, Mrs. MOORE, Miss REED, and Messrs. C. DINGLE, L. HILL, G. MAPLEDORAM, and R. COLMER.

The refreshment tent was in charge of Miss B. OATEN, Messrs. T. OATEN and T. SILLETT. The following ladies arranged teas:- Mrs. S. J. WALTON, Mrs. COLLARD, Mrs. BOULT, Mrs. DALE, and Mrs. PEARSE.


To the Editor of the Somerset County Herald.

Sir,- Will you very kindly permit me, on behalf of the officers and members of Somerset 23, V.A.D., and myself, to thank you for the publicity which you gave to the fete and bazaar held on Saturday last, thereby helping very materially to its success: and may I, through your columns, also thank those who helped either by sending food or clothing for sale, by buying, or by loaning articles or material, and even more so by working the whole afternoon and evening at the stalls and side-shows.

It is the wish of the officers and members of the Detachment that I especially thank the Matron and nursing staff of the hospital for so kindly arranging and running the very successful dance on our behalf. As will be seen by the account, the dance realised £6 17s 6d, and the total on the day was £91 0s 4d.

Yours faithfully,



Bracebridge, Hovelands-lane, Galmington, Taunton. 15th September, 1937.

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<Notes: D. HAWKINS is David Thomas (Dai) HAWKINS who married Blanche Ellen OATEN.

Mr H. OATEN is likely to be Henry Thomas or Thomas OATEN son of Henry Thomas or Harry OATEN and Elizabeth Stella or Stella Elizabeth FOURACRE, married Louisa Beatrice Maud BROOM in 1931.

B. OATEN is Blanche Ellen OATEN daughter of of Henry Thomas or Harry OATEN and Elizabeth Stella or Stella Elizabeth FOURACRE, wife of David Thomas (Dai) HAWKINS>