Somerset County Herald 30 Jan 1937 Trull Died on His Birthday Sudden Passing of Popular Youth Harry Edward FOURACRE of 7 New Road Coneytrowe Trull

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 30 Jan 1937

Page 11 Column 6




Much sympathy has been extended to Mr. and Mrs. G. FOURACRE, of 7, New-road, Comeytrowe, Trull, in the death of their son, Harry, which took place on January 20th, his birthday, at the age of 15 years.

He was employed as a garden boy a <sic> King's Gatchell, Trull. Not feeling well on the previous Monday, he went home from his work thinking it was a slight cold. On the Wednesday morning he became worse, and passed away.

The facts were reported to the Coroner, Mr. G P. CLARKE, who ordered a pathologist examination. This showed that death resulted from natural causes. An inquest therefore, was unnecessary.

Harry was a bright and happy boy and never previously complained. For several years he was a choirboy at the Parish Church, and a member of the Church Catechism.


The funeral took place at the Parish Church on Saturday afternoon, and was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. M. L. WINTERTON. The service was simple in character, and the hymns sung were, “Let saints on earth in concert sing” and “Jesu, Lover of my Soul.” Mr. M. COLLARD, a cousin, played the organ.

The coffin, which was unpolished with brass fittings, bore the inscription: “Harry Edward FOURACRE, died January 20th, 1937, aged 15 years,” and was carried to the grave by four cousins – Messrs. M. COLLARD, William COLLARD, Leslie COLLARD, and Bert FOURACRE.

The chief mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. G. FOURACRE (father and mother), Messrs. Fred, Leonard, and William (brothers), and Miss STERMEY. Mr. Frank FOURACRE, another brother, is a patient in the Taunton Hospital.

The large gathering at the church included:- Mr. and Mrs. W. COLLARD (uncle and aunt), Mr. and Mrs. W. FOURACRE (uncle and aunt), Mr. and Mrs. H. J. VICKERY (uncle and aunt), Mr. and Mrs Bert FOURACRE (uncle and aunt), Mr. Ted COLLARD and Mr. W. COLLARD (uncles), Mr. and Mrs. Sid FOURACRE (uncle and aunt), Mrs. B. FOURACRE, Miss B. FOURACRE, Mr. and Mrs. RAWLINGS, Mr. and Mrs. B. ADFORD, Mr. W. FOURACRE, Mrs. Phylis COLLARD??, Mr. P. COLLARD, Mrs. C. HUMPHRIES, Miss L. COLLARD?? ? ?, Mr. L. BICKHAM, Mr. R. BICKHAM, Mrs. COBIN, Mrs. R. CHURCHILL, Mrs. A. DOBLE, Mrs. B. FOURACRE, Mrs. GREENSLADE, Mrs. PHILLIPS, Miss GREGORY, and four school mates were J. DARCH, B. GREENSLADE, H. TUTCHER, and A. WRIGHT and many others.

There was a large number of beautiful floral tributes.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. J. DOBLE, Trull.

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<NOTES: Harry Edward FOURACRE son of George FOURACRE and Edith COLLARD>