Somerset County Herald 14 May 1938 Fivehead Wedding Ethel Mary PESTER to Samuel Jeffery PERRY includes Centenarian Emma COATE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 14 May 1938

Page 6 Column 8




The marriage was solemnised at Fivehead Church on Saturday afternoon of Mr. Samuel Jeffery PERRY, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel John PERRY, of Ashtree House, Curry Mallet, and Miss Ethel Mary PESTER, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. PESTER, of Fivehead.

England's oldest woman, Mrs. Emma COATE, of Greenway, North Curry, who lives with a relative of the bride, greeted her outside the church before the ceremony, and was afterwards presented with her bouquet. The service, which was choral, was conducted by the Rev. H. C. TRITTON, rector of Curry Mallet, at whose church the bride was organist. Miss HILLARD played Mendelssohn's “Wedding March” and other music, and the hymns “Lead us, Heavenly Father” and “O Perfect Love” were sung.


The Rector, in an address, spoke of his joy in officiating at the joining together by God of two persons whom he believed to be his loyal friends, and who had worshipped with him regularly for a number of years.

We have to remember that every home which is founded on a Christian foundation is a tremendous help to the welfare of the nation,” he continued. “Religion is in truth the most effective instrument for the promotion of order throughout the world. There is no other known force which will unite human hearts in the home, or elsewhere in a wider circle, so closely and so firmly as will religion.”

He expressed apprehension and misgiving at the fact that family life had been allowed to fall to a lower level. “When we see, as we certainly do, a great many blemishes in the family life around us, we want to remember that behind that domestic unrest, discontent and unhappiness, there lies the enfeeblement of our belief in religion and God.”


Given away by her father, the bride wore oyster crepe satin, with bridal wreath and veil, and carried a bouquet of pale pink carnations. Two sisters, the Misses Grace and Millicent PESTER, attended her as bridesmaids. They wore pale pink figured taffeta, silver wreaths, sashes, and shoes, and carried dark pink carnations. Mr. Harry J. PERRY, brother of the bridegroom, was “best man.”

About 50 guests attended a reception at the Lambert Hut. The many wedding gifts included a Westminster chiming clock from the Rector, choir and bell-ringers at Curry Mallet, and an oak book-case from Curry Mallet parishioners.

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<NOTES: Ethel Mary PESTER daughter of William Charles PESTER and Aquila Mary Jane HARVEY, married Samuel Jeffery PERRY

Samuel Jeffery PERRY son of Samuel John or John PERRY and Anna Sophia PRING, married Ethel Mary PESTER>