Somerset County Herald 22 Oct 1938 A Serious Charge Albert C. BISHOP of Cushuish Kingston Charged on Remand at Taunton Borough Petty Sessions

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 22 Oct 1938

Page 8 Column 4


Albert C. BISHOP, labourer, of Cushuish, Kingston, was charged on remand at the Taunton Borough Petty Sessions on Wednesday with an offence against a girl under 16 at Taunton.

Inspector WHITTLE said the case had been reported to the Director of Public Prosecutions. “We have received a communication from him asking us to apply for a remand until October 26th, when further charges will be preferred.” he added.

BISHOP was remanded in custody until Wednesday, and was granted a certificate for legal aid.

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<NOTES: Albert Charles BISHOP son of Henry George BISHOP and Matilda CHILCOTT, married Elizabeth May or Sis JENKINS>