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Somerset County Herald Saturday 28 Oct 1939
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MOTHERS' UNION.- The members of the Pitney branch of the Mothers' Union met at the Rectory on Wednesday week. There was a large attendance, and the gathering enjoyed a most interesting talk from Mrs. MARSH, of Kingston, Taunton, late of the Cambridge Mission, Delhi. The speaker bought many exhibits of interest to illustrate her talk.


SUDDEN DEATH OF MRS. FOX. - Residents learned with great sorrow and surprise on Sunday morning that Mrs. Annie FOX, of the Crown Inn, had died suddenly on Saturday night. She was 46 years of age. She was of a very happy and kindly disposition, much respected, and the greatest sympathy goes out to Mr. FOX, and his son and daughter, and to the aged parents. The funeral took place at Fivehead on Thursday.

WEDDING OF MR. J. H. RISTE and MISS B. M. ADAMS. - The wedding took place at St. Martin's Church on Thursday of Mr. Joseph Henry RISTE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph RISTE, of Minton-street, Chard, and Miss Beatrice May ADAMS, youngest daughter of Mrs. ADAMS and the late Mr. Ernest ADAMS, of Sunny-side, Fivehead. The Vicar (the Rev. G. C. FRY) officiated. Miss H. HILLARD played the organ. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. Bert. ADAMS, wore a gown of white satin, with veil and wreath of orange blossom, and carried a bouquet of white and red carnations. She was attended as brides-maid by her cousin, Miss Marie BURT, who wore an ankle-length gown of cerise taffeta, with veil and gloves to tone. She also wore a signet ring, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried a bouquet of white chrysanthemums and fern. Mr. Earnest RISTE (brother of the bridegroom) was “best man.” As the bride left the church she was presented by Miss Janet TAYLOR and Miss Jean BAILEY (her nieces) with two silver horse-shoes. A reception of about 30 guests was held at the home of the bride's mother. The presents were numerous and useful.


NO LIGHTS. - Christopher W. BURT, plasterer, of Virginia Cottage, Curry Mallet, was fined 5s at Taunton County Sessions on Saturday for riding a bicycle without a front light and a further 5s for not having a red rear light.


A successful whist drive organised by the W.I. Members was held in the W.I. Room on Tuesday in aid of the British Red Cross. There were 13 ½ tables in play for whist. The Rev. H. C. TRITTON, R.D., was M.C., and also presented the prizes to the following winners:- Ladies – 1, Mrs. T. HUNTER; 2, Mrs. WATSON-SIMPSON; 3, Miss P. MOON; 4, Mrs. Bryce SMITH; consolation. Mrs. A. BURT. Gents.'s – 1.Mrs. C. CHURCHILL (playing as a gent.); 2, Mr. F. FAULKNER; 3, Mrs. M. E. HICKS (playing as gent.); 4, Mrs. V. BIMSON (as gent.); consolation, Miss R. ATTWELL. A competition, conducted by Miss M. WESCOMBE, was won by Miss N. BEAKE. The members are grateful for help given with refreshments and to the following donors of prizes; - Mrs. ALEXANDER, Mrs. Bryce SMITH, Miss VILE, Mrs. CAUSTON, Mrs. PATTERSON, Mrs. BATES, Mrs. ROWSELL, Mrs. FOX, Mrs. BLACKMORE, and Rev. H. C. TRITTON. Tea was under the supervision of Mrs. B. PREW, assisted by the Committee. Thanks were expressed to the M.C. at the close of play. The proceeds amounted to the gratifying sum of £6 10s 6d.



The death took place on Sunday, after a long illness, of Mrs Mary Jane ROWSWELL, of Seavington St. Michael, widow of Mr. Walter ROWSWELL, at the age of 83. She leaves a family of three sons. The funeral service at the Parish Church on Wednesday was conducted by the Rector (the Rev. H. W. F. FAGAN) and the interment was in a grave beside her husband. The family mourners were: Mr. Frederick ROWSWELL, Mr. Edward ROWSWELL, Montacute, and Mr. Albert ROWSWELL, Ash (sons); Messrs. Reg., Sidney, and Wilfred ROWSWELL, Seavington and Mr. Cyril ROWSWELL, Ash (grand-sons); Mr. John ROWSWELL (nephew); and Mr. J. GUMMER, Ilminster (brother-in-law). Owing to indisposition, Messrs. A. and W. ROWSWELL, Shepton Beauchamp (brothers-in-law) were unable to attend.

Others present included: Mr. M. YOLE, Mr. and Mrs. E. VAUX, Mrs. ASH, Mrs. SINGLETON, Mrs. I. HOLE, Mrs. SWAINE, Mrs. SILLS, Mrs. V. HOPKINS, Mrs. E. HOPKINS, Mrs. FOOTE, Mrs. TOLMAN, Mrs. POWERS, and many other friends. The bearers were: Messrs. W. BONNING, R. BROWN, H. SINGLETON, and R. WOODLAND.

There were many floral tributes.


A.R.P. MEETING. - A well-attended meeting was held on Thursday at the Sewers Hall, when Colonel BONHAM-CARTER (county warden) gave an address on A.R.P. Work. Sir Horace DAWKINS (head warden for Curry Rivel) presided. The lecturer invited questions, an several were asked and answered.


Mrs. Theodora PENNY, Thorney, Curry Rivel, in a letter to The Times, says:-

Recently a camp concert from an R.A.F. Centre was broadcast. The audience, a body of fine young men who are risking their lives for us and a great ideal, had two terrible songs sung at them. Both these songs had reference to the Siegfried Line an entirely lacked wit, humour, or inspiration of any kind. They appear to have been written by those with the mentality of apes.

I think it is an insult to the brave men to expect them to listen to such idle and tasteless boastings. It was a relief when some of the songs of the last war were sung in chorus. They may be old and sentimental, but they strike a right note. Cannot someone write a new song with words worthy of the men who go out to fight to-day?

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