Somerset County Herald & Taunton Courier 16 Nov 1940 Bishop's Lydeard Police Court includes Wilfred James WHITE fruit merchant of Hamilton Road Taunton

Somerset County Herald & Taunton Courier Saturday 16 Nov 1940

Page 6 Column 5



When several cyclist were summoned at Bishop's Lydeard Police-court on Thursday for riding in the early morning without proper lights, they were described by the police as a positive danger on the roads.

Police-Sergeant MAPSTONE said many complaints had been received of such offences and especially of cyclists without rear lights in the early morning. They were a positive danger, he said, because a motorist could not see them until he was almost on them.

Two soldiers, Privates Oswald LINNEY and George MANNER, were each fined 15s for cycling without front or rear lights on the morning of November 6th.

For cycling without rear lights, fines of 10s were imposed on Private John SHEPPARD and Private William SIMMONDS, and George LOCK, labourer, of 6, Church-street, Bishop's Lydeard.


Summoned for black-out offences, Private Norman ROWE, Bishop's Lydeard, was fined 15s, and Mrs. Phyllis MARLES, Wall Cottage, Bishop's Lydeard, £1.

James Harold WHITEWAY, lorry driver, of 87, Winchester-street, Taunton, was summoned for using a lorry with inefficient brakes, and his employer, Wilfred James WHITE, fruit merchant, 78, Hamilton-road, Taunton, was summoned for permitting the offence. They pleaded not guilty.

P.C. WILLIAMS said he tested the brakes of the lorry with the Tapley decelerometer. Three tests were made, and the best effort of the driver showed that the brakes were only 24 per. cent. efficient.

The officer added that the employer's explanation was that an order had been given for the brakes to be repaired, but there was delay in receiving the necessary parts.

The driver was fined £1 and the employer 30s.


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