Somerset County Herald 19 Oct 1940 A Death Coincidence at Trull Late Mrs Sarah COLLARD includes FOURACRE Arthur OATEN

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Somerset County Herald Saturday 19 Oct 1940
Page 3 Column 2



The death took place on Monday of last week of Mrs. Sarah COLLARD, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. G. FOURACRE, 7, New-road, Comeytrowe, Trull, at the age of 78 years. She was the widow of Mr. Robert COLLARD, who for many years resided at The Lodge, Bath-Park, and who died on the same day of the month as his wife in October of last year. Mrs. COLLARD had been indifferent in health, with failing eyesight, since the death of her husband. During her long period of residence in Trull she had made many friends, and was always of a bright and cheery disposition. She leaves three sons and one daughter.


The funeral took place in the Trull Churchyard on Thursday afternoon of last week, the Vicar, the Rev. M. L. WINTERTON, officiating. The coffin, which was covered with beautiful flowers, was of waxed elm with brass fittings, and bore the inscription: “Sarah COLLARD, fell asleep 7th October, 1940, aged 78 years” Four of Mrs. COLLARD's grandchildren acted as bearers:- Messrs. F. FOURACRE, W. FOURACRE, P. COLLARD, and F. RAWLINS.

The family mourners were:- Mr. William COLLARD, Mr. Ted COLLARD, Mr. Walter COLLARD, sons; Mrs. G. FOURACRE, daughter; Mrs. William COLLARD, Mrs. Walter COLLARD, daughters-in-law; Mr. G. FOURACRE, son-in-law; Mrs. H. BERRYMAN, Mrs. C. WELSH, nieces; Mrs. F. RAWLINS, Mr and Mrs. Frank FOURACRE, grandchildren.

There was also present Mr. W. OAKE, Mrs. M. WYATT, Mr and Mrs. Arthur OATEN, Mrs. C. HUMPHRIES, Mrs. S. FOURACRE, Mrs. B. FOURACRE, and many others. There were numerous wreaths.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. J. DOBLE, of Trull.

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