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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 06 Dec 1941

Page 2 Column 3

Notes and Queries

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3731. - HILLCOMMON. - When was the first house built at Hillcommon under the custom recently described in these columns as “drawing smoke”? - EX_CORDUROY.

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3731. - HILLCOMMON. - The article on Hillcommon by “P.B.” is very interesting, but wrong about the chapel. Mr. W. S. HAYES I knew well and his father. I remember the two new houses being built. I wasn't very old then. The stone outside the chapel says 1846? <or 1848?>, This is correct. I have the date of the opening, the name of the preacher, and his text. I have seen it stated that the chapel was built soon after house building began. It must have been years after. I think the 120 years referred to by “P.B.” must be near the mark. The land for the chapel was not taken in, it was bought. Three people were interested in the selling of it. Neither of them could write their names; they were two men and one woman. I think they must have been relations. The deed was executed in 1846. In that deed it is specially mentioned that the younger man is now 21 years of age. The elder man had had it in his possession 12 years. His wife's former husband had it in his possession 11 years, so the land must have been claimed, possessed and houses built long before 1846. James HAYES, the founder of Hillcommon, became one of the first trustees of that chapel, and he could not write his name on the document. - EX-CORDUROY.

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