Somerset County Herald 15 Nov 1941 Popular Trull Aircraftman Death and Funeral of Mr Reginald James LENTHALL of Eastbrook Villa Trull includes FOURACRE

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 15 Nov 1941

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Much sympathy has been extended to Mr. and Mrs. W. LENTHALL, of Eastbrook Villa, Trull, in the death of their son, Reginald James LENTHALL A/C1, R.A.F., which took place on Tuesday, November 4th, in Scotland, as the result of an accident. He was 21. He was a despatch rider, and received fatal injuries when his moter-cycle was involved in a collision.

The parents received the news on Sunday afternoon that a serious accident had happened, and made the journey to Scotland in time to see their son alive, although unconscious.

He voluntarily joined the R. A.F. Early in 1940, and was due for promotion. Always bright and cheery, he was a most promising lad, and took an interest in the various sports and games in the parish. For many years he was a member of the church choir and the news of his death came as a great shock to his many friends.

The following tribute has been received by Mr. and Mrs. LENTHALL from his chums of the R.A.F.:- “We looked upon him as one of the most popular members of the section. He was not the sort to push himself forward, but his company was always welcomed by everyone; his absence is very noticeable. All the men of his section wish to take this opportunity of offering their condolences to his parents and members of the family.”


The funeral on Saturday afternoon at Trull was attended by a large gathering. The coffin had been conveyed from Scotland overnight, and rested in the Parish Church covered with the Union Jack, on which rested the family cross. The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. M. L. WINTERTON, and the choir attended. Mr. W. PURSEY SHORT, A.T.C.L., presided at the organ, and while the congregation was assembling played Handel's “Largo,” Mendelssohn's Senate Finale in D and “O Rest in the Lord.” Psalm 23 was chanted, and the hymns impressively sung were “The King of Love” and “Abide with me.” A detachment of the R.A.F. acted as bearers, and at the closing of the service gave the farewell salute.

The family mourners included Mr. and Mrs. LENTHALL (father and mother), Rosemary (sister), Jeffery and Bert (brothers), Mabel, Hettie and Lucy (aunts), Oliver and Harry (uncles), Winnie and Betty (nieces).

Among the general mourners were representatives of the Trull Troop of Boy Scouts, All Saints' Church Catechism and choir, Mr. W. J. JENKINS, Mr. W. J. BISHOP, Mr. PEARSON, Mrs. H. S. MELHUISH, Mrs. W. COLLARD, Mrs. WOOLEY, Mrs. L. HOOPER, Mrs. E. BREWER, Mrs. F. HODGE, Mrs. YARDE, Mrs S. FOURACRE, Mrs. GRANDFIELD, Mrs WILLIAMS (Sergeant. A. T.S.), Mrs. A. H. FOURACRE, Mrs. G. MARKS, Mr. F. WEAVER, Mr. L. BICKHAM, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. F. CALWAY, Mrs. W. OAKE, Mrs. G. SLOLEY, Mr. W. LOCK, Mr. E. WEAVER, Mr. T. SPARKS, Mrs. A. PYKE, Mr. G. PYKE, R.A.F., Mrs. W. COBBIN, Mrs. J. DESAVE, Mrs. C. BOWERMAN, Mrs. G. FOURACRE, Mrs. W. P. SHORT, Mr. C. J. FOURACRE, Miss D. SHIRE, Mrs. S. STURGESS, and many others.

There was a large number of beautiful floral tributes.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. R. J. DOBLE, of Trull.

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