Somerset County Herald 28 Jun 1941 Bellringer for more than 60 years Late Mr William Charles OAKE includes OATEN and FOURACRE

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Somerset County Herald Saturday 28 Jun 1941
Page 4 Column 2



Many friends learned with regret of the death of Mr. William Charles OAKE, which took place at his home, 3, Eastview-terrace, Trull, on Tuesday of last week. He was 78.

Mr OAKE, who had been in failing health for some time, had lived in Trull practically all his life, and had been a ringer at the Parish Church for more than 60 years. Of a quiet disposition, he was very much respected, and his genial presence will be greatly missed. He leaves a wife, two daughters, and one son.

The interment took place in Trull Churchyard on Saturday afternoon, the Vicar, the Rev. M. L. WINTERTON, conducting the service.

The bearers were Messrs. A. S. PYKE and H. CHURCHILL (bellringers), J. VICKERY and J. READ (friends).

The family mourners were:- Mrs. W. OAKE, wife; Mr. T. OAKE, son; Mesdames L. COLLARD, E. OATEN, and F. TOOZE, daughters; Messrs. T COLLARD, W. COLLARD, and F. TOOZE, sons-in-law Mrs. T. OAKE, daughter-in-law; Mr P. COLLARD and W. OATEN, grandsons; Mesdames P. COLLARD, C. HUMPHRIES, L. HOOPER, grand-daughters; Mrs? LOCK and Mrs PARSONS (sisters-in-law; Mr. PARSONS, brother-in-law).

Others present included:- Mr. and Mrs. F. FOURACRE, Mrs. A. FOURACRE, Mrs. S. FOURACRE, Mrs. F. OAKE, Mrs. J. REED, Mr. and Mrs. S. WEAVER, Mr. W. J. JENKINS, and Mr. W. MULLINS.

There was a large number of beautiful floral tributes, including one from the church bellringers.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. R. J. DOBLE, Trull.

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