Somerset County Herald 17 Jan 1942 New Ambulance for Taunton Gift from American Friends inc Mrs G. H. SELOUS of Curry Mallet Manor

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 17 Jan 1942

Page 7 Column 5



Members of the Taunton and District Ambulance Committee and of the British Red Cross Society (Taunton district branch) together with the Mayor and Mayoress of Taunton (Councillor and Mrs. C. H. GOODLAND), attended at the Caste Green Car Park on Saturday afternoon to inspect the new Red Cross ambulance recently presented.

The purchase of this ambulance was made possible largely through the kind interest of Mrs. G. H. SELOUS, of Curry Mallet Manor, whose relatives and friends in the United States contributed generously towards its cost. Substantial help was also given by the local branch of the British Red Cross

The car is a Humber 27 h.p. Pullman de Luxe. It contains two stretcher ambulances, which may be alternatively used for one stretcher and four seat cases. There is central heating and flood lighting. Other equipment include resuscitating apparatus, a heater water tank, and an arm-chair for the attendant.


The ambulance will be worked by members of Somerset 23 (Men's Detachment) British Red Cross, of which Mr. F. MOORE is commandant and Mr. W. Leslie HILL transport officer.

It was about six years ago that the last new ambulance was supplied – a Morris 27 h.p. - and with this and the one now presented the detachment will be well equipped to continue their valuable work of removing cases of accident or serious illness to hospitals, and of being ready for special emergency duty in air raids – evacuating hospitals, &c.

Last year the Taunton Ambulance dealt with 815 cases and covered 14,300 miles – a record which indicates the importance and value of its work.

After the inspection the Committee and Red Cross Members were invited to tea with the Mayor and Mayoress in the Council Chamber.

The Mayor expressed regret that Mrs. SELOUS was unable to be with them. She was their good fairy because it was due largely to her and the generosity of relatives and friends in America that they had been able to inspect the splendid new ambulance presented to Taunton.

While sorry Mrs. SELOUS was not there they were glad to welcome her husband, and would like him to assure her of Taunton's gratitude, and that the new ambulance would visit Curry Mallet for her to see it at the first opportunity.

After referring to the sustained generosity of the American people to this country and the post-war hopes that lay in their being allies, the Mayor voiced warm appreciation of the benefit which was being conferred upon the town and district by the presentation of the new ambulance, and asked that their thanks be conveyed to Mrs. SELOUS and all who subscribed through her; also to the British Red Cross for their substantial help.

Mr. SELOUS responded on behalf of his wife, who, he said, greatly regretted being unable to come to Taunton as she had intended that afternoon. She would have sincerely reciprocated the kind reference of the Mayor to her fellow countrymen and women, and to the association of Britain and America in the present world conflict. She would gladly convey to her friends over there the Mayor's kind message and that it would be greatly appreciated he need hardly assure them.

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