Someset County Herald 24 Oct 1942 Compton Dundon The Late Mr Edward Thomas PURCHASE of the Council Houses includes FOURACRES

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 24 Oct 1942

Page 6 Column 2


MR. ARNOLD WHITTAKER, C.I.E., of Compton Dundon, is one of the three European members of an Economic Board advising the Government of Assam on transportation and supply. Mrs. WHITTAKER has been appointed to the staff of the British Government's Information Service in the United States. Her present address is The Beekman Tower, 3, Mitchell-place, New York City.


The death occurred recently of Mr. Edward Thomas PURCHASE, of the Council Houses. Mr. PURCHASE, who was 55, had been an invalid for many years. He leaves a wife, three sons and three daughters. The funeral took place on Saturday, the Vicar (Rev. W. RAILTON) officiating. The principal mourners were Mr. J. PURCHASE and Mr. A. PURCHASE (sons), Miss E. PURCHASE, Mrs. BOARD and Mrs. FOURACRES (daughters), Mr. Wm. PURCHASE (brother), Mr. BOARD (son-in-law), Mrs Wm. PURCHASE (sister-in-law), Mr. E. RUSSELL and Mr. B. WEBB (brothers-in-law), Miss FOURACRES and Mr. J. JONES (friends), Mrs. PURCHASE (wife) was unable to attend, and a son is serving abroad. There were several beautiful floral tributes.

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